A Vision of the Church in the New Era

A Vision of the Church in the New Era

As you read, read slowly, and let the prophetic potential of a glorious Bride arising in the earth in this coming era, flood your heart with the purposes of Jesus:

I dream of a Church filled with God’s magnificent glory.

Her members are adventurers, not mere attenders.

Her leaders are releasers, not containers; equippers, not superstars.

Her children are powerful, not merely baby-sat or redundant.

Her youth are leaders, strong in word, purity and deed.

Her attitude is Kingdom, not self-preservation or self-promotion.

Her heart is generous, giving until it hurts, preferring others beyond themselves.

Her worship is passionate and filled with encounter, not mere song singing.

Her prayers are fervent, not apathetic; they are effective & authoritative, not empty.

Her influence transforms nations, politics, laws, businesses, medicine, education, the arts, the media, morality and the family.

She innovates, with fresh ideas and strategies to transform the world.

She leads, she does not follow.

She amplifies the message of the Gospel.

She clarifies Christ’s call to discipleship.

She exemplifies the unmatched love of God.

She is filled with miracles, signs, wonders, healings, deliverance and joy.

Her services are presence filled, powerful, challenging and Jesus focussed.

She is clean & clear, in a world of moral filth and confusion.

She is gracious to the hurting & sin-bound – everything she touches is made clean.

Her Lord is JESUS, her power is of the SPIRIT, her love is of the FATHER.

THIS is the Church I’m dreaming of.

How about you?

An extract from Jarrod’s 2021 book “The Divine Reset” available here

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3 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Absolutely wonderful Jarrod. I have a similar dream . No more prayer lists , fervent heartfelt Holy Ghost prayers led by the Holy Spirit.

  2. wordfch15 says:

    It is what many are now working towards –an equipped Body of outgoing ‘adventurers’ , who create from Divine sourcing.and integrated fellowship..

  3. Marion Irene Kealy says:

    That’s what I am dreaming of too!

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