A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity

A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity

On August 16 1977, when I was just seven years old, one of the greatest singers and performers of a generation died. While millions mourned him around the world, far less truly understood the struggle that had taken place in his tormented soul.

While this spectacular and talented performer was known by the world for his music, the reality is that he was also a deep lover of God. He was a man who evidently wanted to live for Jesus, but in many ways was deeply flawed, and the Church of the day struggled know what to do with such a mix of talent and brokenness.

Ostracised from Church, the A-list star would gather renowned celebrities around his piano and sing songs like “There’s a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place, and I know it is the Spirit of the Lord” as tears ran down their faces. His backing group claimed he moved in what we would today call “words of knowledge” as he seemed, on occasion, to know things by supernatural means. He prayed for his cancer stricken backing vocalist who was healed! He read the Bible each night. (1)

That man was, of course, Elvis Presley.

Footage of Elvis singing his favourite hymn “How Great Thou Art” is famed and common place, but less noted are the times he would stop fans who carried “Elvis is the King” banners, and remind them “No, Jesus is the King, I’m just a singer.”

Elvis was a classic mix of broken humanity and beautiful divinity, colliding in a person´s soul. Sadly it would appear he never seemed to find out how to bring the two together; how to make peace between his gifts, his talents, his brokenness, the divine grace of God and the demands of a religious church. And as I’m sure you know, his life was difficult and painful, some reporting that by the end of his life, Elvis had “suffered from multiple ailments: glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver damage, and an enlarged colon, each magnified—and possibly caused—by drug abuse.” Ultimately he died of a heart attack. (2)

The night before Elvis’ death, Rick Stanley, who was with him at the time, reported that Elvis prayed “Dear Lord, please show me a way. I’m tired and confused, and I need your help.” A few minutes later, Elvis looked at him and said, “Rick, we should all begin to live for Christ.” (3)

It would be unreal for us to pretend that, even as Christians, we don’t all face the conflict within, of our broken humanity colliding with tremendous divine potential. Even the most mature of Christians can be godly, powerful, graced and dignified one minute, but so aware of our brokenness, sinfulness and need for mercy the next.

The journey of growing in grace can be a hard one, and not all make it to maturity.

But the Bible does show us how broken men and women can become one with a holy, beautiful, glorious God. It shows us how to deal with sin, failure, fears and lusts and how to receive God’s gifts of grace, mercy, power and purpose.

And that is what this life changing book is all about.

It leads us on a journey from understanding the sources of our shattered and selfish humanity, and how we can receive God’s free gift of salvation. Then Victoria brilliantly leads us into true freedom from the thinking and behaviours that hinder our union with God, and ends up showing us how to become one with God through His merciful promises and power. Truly, through this book, you can begin to enjoy a glorious fusion of humanity & divinity!

The war inside Elvis Presley is the same war that besets us all – a conflict where natural and Supernatural, ordinary and Extraordinary wrestle within us. But you, my friend, must win that war with God’s help. May this book, filled with scripture, honesty and excellent advice, teach us all how to receive God’s grace to us, and live the destiny God designed for each of us – a life at one with God!

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