4 New Amazing Miracle Stories!

4 New Amazing Miracle Stories!

MIRACLESLast year several fantastic videos were made by UCB Media and Andy White, one of our congregation – They movingly told the stories of 4 people who have received amazing miracles from God.

Watch and be inspired (Videos will open in You Tube or Vimeo):

Amanda Varty’s Story: Amanda had been bed ridden for 9 years, and through that time she received encouragement from our radio program on UCB. But then God told her what to do next – This will amaze you! WATCH

Karen’s Story: Karen came to a meeting where we prayed for her, and her leg grew, amazing her doctors! WATCH

Emily’s Story: Emily and Matt were told they couldn’t have children. But after prayer at a Revive Church event, God did something incredible: WATCH

Ken’s Story: Ken had 3 tumours in his cheek, and was prayed for at a Hull CIty Hall event. Look at the Xrays and see what God did! WATCH


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