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New Blog – Don’t Quit!

Failed in business aged 22 Ran for Legislature—defeated aged 23 Again failed in business aged 24 Elected to Legislature aged 25 Sweetheart died aged 26 Had a nervous breakdown aged 27 Defeated for Speaker aged 29 Defeated for Elector aged 31 Defeated for Congress aged 34 Elected to Congress aged 37 Defeated for Congress aged…
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2016-11-04 0

Time to get STRONGER?

This is a small extract from my new book STRONGER – building a powerful interior world. Download it here for just £2.99 At a very low point in my life, when I was feeling pretty weak and feeble, God came to me in a vision. He stood before me as a mighty warrior, literally as…
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2016-05-23 0

I want to be strong (Join me!)

I think we (me included here!) sometimes use “weakness” to relinquish responsibility. We use it as a get out clause for failure, in-discipline, procrastination, debilitating addictions and laziness. “O I’m weak, please don’t expect me to be too strong, to endure, to succeed”. Now I know, in many ways, we are indeed weak, broken, in…
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