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NEW BOOK: Believe & Confess – for kids!

My wife Vicky has just released a kids version of our book “Believe & Confess” for 7-11 year olds. (You can Purchase a copy for your child HERE.) Recently our son went through a season of being scared at night.  I guess this is fairly normal for any child to face, but this gave Vicky the…
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2018-06-02 0

I want to be strong (Join me!)

I think we (me included here!) sometimes use “weakness” to relinquish responsibility. We use it as a get out clause for failure, in-discipline, procrastination, debilitating addictions and laziness. “O I’m weak, please don’t expect me to be too strong, to endure, to succeed”. Now I know, in many ways, we are indeed weak, broken, in…
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2016-01-07 0

7 Secrets of Strength

As we enter this new year there is a distinct sense of it being not just a new year, but a new day, a new era. Joshua chapter one is often quoted and preached at the start of a new year or new venture, but God’s command to Joshua to be strong, courageous & careful…
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