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Turn Religion on it’s Head….

“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” Mark 2:27 Religion is a powerful thing. In it’s negative formĀ it can make us feel like we’re serving a machine that demands much of us. But nothing could be further from Jesus’ heart. In the build up to this verse, Jesus’ disciples picked some…
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The Greatest Mountain? The Greatest Battle!

  “60% of UK churches no longer have a corporate prayer meeting.” When I read that stat I wondered about writing a blog “RIP: The British Prayer Meeting”, or “How to revive prayer in a contemporary church setting” etc etc. My worry was no one would click through to read the blog. Unfortunately, the stat…
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A Worship Leaders Secret Weapon!

Many seek to lead worship and yet they do not have a heart after the presence of God. This is always obvious in their ministries, as you cannot pretend to have something you do not have. You cannot lead people in rapturous worship when you have no personal worship life. You cannot obey the Spirit…
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I want Fire, not Fizzle!

I am amazed, at 40, to think about all the thousands of people I have met, worshipped with and enjoyed friendship with, who are no longer walking with God. It seems there are those who start so well, begin in fire, but end in a fizzle. This has led me recently to think about why…
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