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God of Miracles! Some stories…

In the spirit of the thought that “They overcame by the … word of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11) and, “if God does it for them, he’ll do it for you”, then here’s a few more testimonies from this year… At the ONE Event in Lincolnshire, where we run the Holy Spirit stream each year, our…
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Revive (New Life) Church on BBC 2

New Life Church featured on this BBC 2 television show on healing & revelation recently. GCSE Religion students will use this program as part of their study on revelation and healing in coming years. We pray that every student that watches the program would be touched by the reality and power of God’s Holy Spirit.…
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Miracle Reports #2013

I’ve just been reading through the supernatural reports from 2011-2012 and found them so inspiring! So I’d thought I’d update you on just some of the remarkable things God has done in 2013, in around our community. 8 MINUTES OF MIRACLES! Every year we have the privilege of hosting the Holy Spirit seminar stream at…
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Watch People get out of Wheelchairs – Latest Miracle Videos!

Watch people leave wheelchairs and tell their amazing stories of God’s healing from injury, strokes and falls. These three people were either wheelchair bound, in some cases also deaf, others had agonising pain for over 6 years. Hear and see their amazing stories of God’s incredible love and healing as the Spirit moves in Hull.…
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15 Deaf Ears Opened in 3 Weeks!

The launch of the Revival Fires tour saw New Beginnings Church in Goole packed to standing room only, and rocking! 2 more deaf ears opened instantly, pain left about 12-15 people’s bodies. It was so touching to see people break out in smiles or tears as years of pain disappeared! That now means 15 different…
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A Fresh Miracle Anointing

I have never known miracles take place right across the nation with such ease! And it keeps flowing even after the special weekend at City Hall: One of our guys, Chris Shore wrote on Facebook: “So on Thursday I saw a paralysed woman get out of her wheelchair and start dancing. On Friday I saw…
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