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NEW! Prophetic Word – 2018

In prayer this morning (3rd May 2018), I felt this word from heaven. I sense God would say: There is a ripping open of the heavenly realms above the United Kingdom right now – bringing the Church into a new season in God. Encounters are increasing; the prophetic realm is being amplified, clarified, and magnified…
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Face your fears, or fear will shape you!

We all live with fear every day. “Socially acceptable” fears get talked about easily – the fear of heights, public speaking or spiders – it’s quite common to admit these. They are surface-level fears that usually only affect our lives in very small ways. But there are more foundational, deep seated, often subconscious fears that actually…
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If only we could see as God does….

God has a completely different view of your life than you.  He sees it from the balcony of heaven. Fresh starts, seemingly life altering failures, long waits, desperate needs for provision or apparent reversals in your dreams and destiny, all are held powerfully in God’s hand and well within the grasp His amazing grace. Remember King David? Well…
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