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A Purple Patch? Really?

  This last weekend a friend commented “Sounds like you’re in a purple patch!” Not being acquainted with the phrase, I discovered it is apparently when everything is going great, note worthy, successful – a great season of fruitfulness in an organisation. “A Purple Patch” on an otherwise dreary garment! It took me by surprise…
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5 Principles of Church Growth

A few thoughts on church growth in a Western setting…. One of the ways we show a love for God and for the people He loves, is to have a passionate, organised, Spirit inspired attitude to reaching lost souls for Christ and growing them into disciples – which means growing our churches. I have noticed…
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Church Health Check!

The following is a compilation of Health Check lists from denominations around the world. Amazing how similar so many are: Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches: Natural Church Development 1. Empowering leadership 2. Gift-oriented ministry Development 3. Passionate spirituality 4. Functional structures 5. Inspiring worship service 6. Holistic small groups 7. Need-oriented evangelism 8. Loving…
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