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New Radio Program – REVIVE!

For the past 9 years we have broadcast dozens of times a week across parts the world with a half hour teaching program called Days of Wonder. The response we have had has been nothing short of remarkable! Lives saved, healed, prisoners gathered around radio sets, homes invaded with God’s presence, the house bound &…
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2016-12-16 0

My Brexit Frustrations!

I am not a political animal, but the wall to wall scare-monger filled broadcasting from either side of the EU debate is frustrating me! There are arguments to say we should stay, fears about leaving, those who are convinced we can be great “on our own”, and those who feel the “EU project” is collapsing…
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2016-06-16 0

The Launch of Revive Academy

Dear Friend, THE LAUNCH OF REVIVE ACADEMY OF LEADERSHIP AND THE ARTS! I am really excited to announce the launch of our new leadership school, a place for your to join our leadership adventure. Have a look around our new website  HERE and watch the 37 second promo video HERE  and get in touch if you…
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2015-07-16 0

Walk with God

  “Noah … walked with God” Genesis 6:9 We often use the phrase “walking with God” in a poetic sense – expressing the journey of a life lived God’s way. It is a wonderful use of poetry. But I wonder if that is exactly what the scriptures always mean? Genesis 3 shows us that Adam…
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