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Cameron Praises the Christian Fight Back!

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Christian Fight Back” speech, made at Downing Street to Christian ministries from across the denominations 3 April 2012. In it he praises what he calls “The Christian Fight Back….”. Remarkable! Here is the full script: “As you know, we have receptions here for Diwali, for Eid, for Jewish New Year,…
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10 Clouds in the Sky

I hear the “sound of a heavy rain”. The horizon is awash with small prophetic clouds, “the size of a man’s hand” 1 Kings 18:41-46. Something is going on in the heavenlies and here’s my reasoning: 1. The “great” can feel it: The Queen states “Jesus wasn’t a Philosopher …. but a Saviour who came…
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Why Cranky Christians Criticise Christian Celebrities – PLEASE STOP!

One of our Prime Ministers, in recent years, proclaimed that Britain is a Christian country, and that the Anglican church should spearhead a revival of Christian morality. The statements were brave and almost unprecedented from a PM in living memory. While many Christians were celebrating his bravery, some immediately engaged in friendly fire, picking holes…
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