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THE PROPHETS SPEAK 2022: God’s Final Word on Covid?

Join me midday daily to hear what God has been saying to me and my friends! Could inspire you!! WE ALSO HAVE A SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK! To get the 50% off Tiers 1 and 2 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP of The Tribe, simply visit jarrodcooper.net click on TRIBE and apply the code 50offTRIBEa when you register.

Training For Reigning

Jarrod shares with Revive Church a powerful message of how to power out of lockdown 5 Questions to help you enter your new era: Context: Genesis 1:26-28/Romans 5:15 1. You were made to rule in life by God’s grace, over a) yourself b) a sphere of influence at home 3) for most, some additional spheres…
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What’s Your Why?

An episode from FINDING YOUR FOCUS: Get your focus back, through this 12 session journaling series about how to re-centre, analyse, examine and develop your whole life, using simple methods of writing, pondering, evaluating and pray-fully listening. These vital exercises are part of my regular prayer habits and help ensure I’m on time, and on…
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The Leadership Quest

The Leadership Quest is a journey into the ideas, lessons, wisdom and complexities of leading a church in the 21st century. Covering a broad sphere of insight, from how to grow church, to developing leadership skills; and from making it through tough seasons to improving your “self-leadership” this new series will inspire, challenge and reassure…
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Thriving On The Mountain Of Ministry

Part 1 – Contentment: Ministry can be hard work. Think of it like ascending a mountain. As you start, you need to make sure you’ve got the skills and supplies to make it to the summit. Join us for our regular podcasts – FREE messages from me to inspire you! Subscribe and enjoy! Listen on…
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Believe & Confess

Part 1- Confession Cultivates Faith: The book of Hebrews says that the Bible is powerful, and when we speak the Word of God, it is a weapon in our mouths. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.” Heb 4:12 In this day and age of constant turmoil…
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The Pace Of Peace

In the hustle and hurry of modern life, it is sometimes hard to find the right pace and enjoy the Lord’s peace. This series on developing a more peace filled life will help you build a life that more easily enjoys peace that passes understanding.

Our Podcasts Are Back!

Join us for our regular podcast – FREE messages from me to inspire you in your walk with God! Subscribe and enjoy! Listen/subscribe on apple podcasts here. Cultivating A Personal Prayer Life: If you are struggling to develop your prayer life, this course is a great way to start to understand why you need to…
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New Podcast: Abba Father

One of the great works of the Spirit is to bring you to the full revelation of the sons of God!  Listen/subscribe on iTunes here. Listen to FREE teaching by Dan McCollam from last year’s RESONATE Worship & Creative Summit. Book in to RESONATE 2018 here.