TRIBE Information


TRIBE Tutorial

This video tutorial walks you though what the TRIBE has to offer as well as the process of:

  • How to join
  • How to navigate the TRIBE Zone
  • Membership Levels

Managing Your Subscription

  • All of our subscriptions are set to auto-renew. If you want to turn this off, simply go to My Subscription and click CANCEL. You will still be able to access the TRIBE up until your membership expires.
  • To UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE your TRIBE membership go to My Subscription and click CHANGE. All the subscription levels will be displayed for you to choose.
  • If you want to take advantage of a promotion (e.g. 50% off TRIBE annual membership). Go to My Subscription and click ABANDON. This will cancel your current subscription with immediate effect.

TRIBE Benefits

We now have the ability to create ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. This means from now on, every time you complete a lesson or a course you get points. Below are the icons you will start to see pop up on your screen when you complete a lesson or a course.

For every lesson you receive 5 points and for every course you receive 100 points. 
When you reach 1000 points, we will give you a 25% off voucher for our online shop.

 To claim your voucher, simply email us a screenshot of your points on your “My Achievements” page to jarrod@jarrodcooper.net

Get 50% Off Your Membership


We love hearing how much you love the TRIBE, and we know many of you have recommended it to your friends, family and church leaders.

YOU are the best advert we have for promoting the TRIBE, so rather than paying for social media ads, we would like you to benefit when one of your friends joins the TRIBE.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Copy and paste the invite below into an email and send it to your friend making sure you copy us into the email.
  • When your friend responds to us asking to join the TRIBE. We will email them a 50% discount code.*
  • Once they have signed up, we will email you a 50% renewal discount code* which will be valid for 12 months so you can renew your annual membership when it is due to expire.
  • If you recommend a second friend we will give you £30 to spend in our online shop.

*Applies only to Tiers 1 & 2 Annual Membership

Copy and paste the following in an email to your friend and make sure you cc vicky@jarrodcooper.net

Dear (Friend’s Name)

I joined an online community of passionate learners & leaders called the TRIBE led by Jarrod Cooper. They are dedicated to growing in God, growing in skills for life and leadership and growing in God’s presence. There’s a digital online library full of audio, video and ecourses, as well as a private Facebook group to interact with Jarrod and other TRIBE members. I love it and I think you will too.

Take a look at the TRIBE here https://onlinetribe.org and view the array of courses available here https://onlinetribe/tribe-courses/

As a TRIBE member I can give you 50% off Annual TRIBE Membership. All you have to do is simply reply to this email (make sure vicky@jarrodcooper.net is copied in) with the following: YES, I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE TRIBE, PLEASE SEND ME MY 50% DISCOUNT CODE.


We are fully aware that tech can be frustrating at times and we are here to help where we can. However, before you contact us please read the following to see if the advise below can help you solve your problem.

  • The video/audio lesson won’t play.
    Close your devise down and re-start. If you are still having problems, check your internet connection.
  • I can’t login, I keep getting a message to prove I’m not a robot and I’m stuck in a loop.
    1. Start by closing down your device/computer and re-starting.
    2. If you’re still having problems, it might be from a temporary cache from the server or the browser you are using. Best thing to do is google “How to clear cache from my (add your device here eg smart phone/tablet/computer)” and follow the instructions.
  • My subscription has expired/ my payment is still pending.
    Very occasionally glitches can occur when it comes to card/paypal payments. When you sign up, your account is automatically set up to create a recurring payment, unless you choose to turn this off. To renew or re-subscribe simply go to MY SUBSCRIPTION. Do not click ABANDON unless you want to cancel your subscription with immediate effect.

If you’re still having problems, please contact vicky@jarrodcooper.net