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Walk with God

  “Noah … walked with God” Genesis 6:9 We often use the phrase “walking with God” in a poetic sense – expressing the journey of a life lived God’s way. It is a wonderful use of poetry. But I wonder if that is exactly what the scriptures always mean? Genesis 3 shows us that Adam…
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I Am With You

  “In everything he did he had great success, because The Lord was with him” 1 Samuel 18:14 This verse speaks of the secret of King David’s success. Very simply, God was with Him. Surely our own success can be no different? Though skills must be honed, we will win our battles by the faithfulness…
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A Purple Patch? Really?

  This last weekend a friend commented “Sounds like you’re in a purple patch!” Not being acquainted with the phrase, I discovered it is apparently when everything is going great, note worthy, successful – a great season of fruitfulness in an organisation. “A Purple Patch” on an otherwise dreary garment! It took me by surprise…
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The Greatest Mountain? The Greatest Battle!

  “60% of UK churches no longer have a corporate prayer meeting.” When I read that stat I wondered about writing a blog “RIP: The British Prayer Meeting”, or “How to revive prayer in a contemporary church setting” etc etc. My worry was no one would click through to read the blog. Unfortunately, the stat…
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2012-06-15 2

New Miracle Video Report

Shake the Nations, the ministry led by Nathan Morris, has released a video of some of the healings and music from the recent Hull City Hall event in March 2012. To view the remarkable testimonies in You Tube click here The move of God’s Spirit continues to flow through East Yorkshire, and we’ve now seen…
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Cameron Praises the Christian Fight Back!

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Christian Fight Back” speech, made at Downing Street to Christian ministries from across the denominations 3 April 2012. In it he praises what he calls “The Christian Fight Back….”. Remarkable! Here is the full script: “As you know, we have receptions here for Diwali, for Eid, for Jewish New Year,…
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15 Deaf Ears Opened in 3 Weeks!

The launch of the Revival Fires tour saw New Beginnings Church in Goole packed to standing room only, and rocking! 2 more deaf ears opened instantly, pain left about 12-15 people’s bodies. It was so touching to see people break out in smiles or tears as years of pain disappeared! That now means 15 different…
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A Fresh Miracle Anointing

I have never known miracles take place right across the nation with such ease! And it keeps flowing even after the special weekend at City Hall: One of our guys, Chris Shore wrote on Facebook: “So on Thursday I saw a paralysed woman get out of her wheelchair and start dancing. On Friday I saw…
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Supernatural Video Reports!

Our tv department has released several short video reports of the amazing move of miracles that has taken place recently around East Yorkshire. Here are just some of the miracles experienced in people’s lives in the last few months: Click to watch: Supernatural report 1 watch Supernatural report 2 watch Supernatural report 3 watch Hear…
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7 Secrets of Strength

As we enter this new year there is a distinct sense of it being not just a new year, but a new day, a new era. Joshua chapter one is often quoted and preached at the start of a new year or new venture, but God’s command to Joshua to be strong, courageous & careful…
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10 Clouds in the Sky

I hear the “sound of a heavy rain”. The horizon is awash with small prophetic clouds, “the size of a man’s hand” 1 Kings 18:41-46. Something is going on in the heavenlies and here’s my reasoning: 1. The “great” can feel it: The Queen states “Jesus wasn’t a Philosopher …. but a Saviour who came…
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#5 What’s Happening?!

The power of God continues to sweep through lives in our little services in a quite remarkable way. It is also encouraging to hear of moves of God in churches across the region: Ministers unable to preach the glory of God is so strong. Healing breaking out without human effort! Something is happening right across…
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#4 What’s Happening?

I must tell you a little about one miracle that has taken place in the last couple of weeks. A dear member of our church fell almost 7 years ago and has been in agony since, after breaking her coccyx. After six years of only finding herself pain free when in bed, and with much…
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#3 What’s Happening?!

The three ways God seems to be moving still, almost four weeks into this, is in presence, healing and salvation. The presence (at times I would say glory) of God, has been so impactful, bringing such a sense of the fear of the Lord. Backsliders are getting right with God, people in church are changing their…
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#2 What’s Happening?!

Well, the sense of God’s presence and glory continue to rumble through our church! This is now the second week so I thought I’d go through some of what’s happened in the last 7 days. Firstly, the remarkable move of healings has continued. Last Thursday one of our congregation, who I have never known walk…
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#1 What’s Happening?!

I think I need to write down what’s been happening recently at our church, mainly for my own catharsis and thinking. If it inspires you too … all good! On the 16th September 2011 we began a weekend conference that has been like no other. It came just 6 days into a 40 day period…
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Unity is not THE Answer

There are endless unity meetings I could be in. As a minister I could literally spend most days in some networking meeting or another. But I feel we actually have a job to do in reaching millions of souls (not reaching each other!)…..and I have discovered…. 10 things Unity is not… Unity is not a group…
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A Worship Leaders Secret Weapon!

Many seek to lead worship and yet they do not have a heart after the presence of God. This is always obvious in their ministries, as you cannot pretend to have something you do not have. You cannot lead people in rapturous worship when you have no personal worship life. You cannot obey the Spirit…
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You too, can be Raised by Glory

“Mary looked into the tomb and saw two angels sitting there, one at the head, the other at the foot of where Jesus’ body had been laid.” john 20: 12 Why were the two angels specifically at the head and foot? Perhaps that little tomb had been visited by the glory of God, and His…
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Worship: Beat the Myths, Find the Glory

I have discovered the greatest hindrance to a move of God can be quite simply right between my ears! My arrogant senses of right and wrong, godly and secular, acceptable and unthinkable. My religious education. My British culture. They can all hinder the divine, eternal culture of heaven from piercing through the dull temporal culture…
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