Walking in Glory

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As a church we enjoyed 3 months of revelation regarding the glory of God and how we can walk in God's power and presence.

Through these 18 teachings, you will learn how to come face to face with God and move from mere presence, to glory. How to know God intimately day by day, every day. We will discuss the effects of guilt and shame on the power of the Spirit in your life, and how to overcome condemnation to walk in continual peace.

There are also three wonderful talks about how to be one with Christ Jesus; to walk closely, know His authority over situations and enjoy the dynamic relationship of glory He made you to know.

Teachings Include:

  • Face to Face with God
  • From Presence to Glory
  • Stephen's Unfinished Sermon
  • How to walk in Glory
  • Living by Rules vs Relationship
  • The Pathway to Glory
  • How to Behold God's Glory
  • Hindrances to Glory
  • The Seed of Abraham
  • Becoming One with God
  • Positioning your Life for Favour
  • Receiving Financial Favour
  • Finding Favour in the Valley
  • Grow your own Favour
  • The Crossroads of Grace
  • The Conduct of Kings

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