A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity (Paperback)

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A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity: God's Design To Partner With Us

By Victoria Cooper

It would be unreal for us to pretend that, even as Christians, we don’t all face the conflict within, of our broken humanity colliding with tremendous divine potential. Even the most mature of Christians can be godly, powerful, graced and dignified one minute, but so aware of our brokenness, sinfulness and need for mercy the next.

The journey of growing in grace can be a hard one, and not all make it to maturity.

But the Bible does show us how broken men and women can become one with a holy, beautiful, glorious God. It shows us how to deal with sin, failure, fears and lusts and how to receive God’s gifts of grace, mercy, power and purpose.

And that is what this life changing book is all about.

It leads us on a journey from understanding the sources of our shattered and selfish humanity, and how we can receive God’s free gift of salvation. Then Victoria brilliantly leads us into true freedom from the thinking and behaviours that hinder our union with God, and ends up showing us how to become one with God through His merciful promises and power. Truly, through this book, you can begin to enjoy a glorious fusion of humanity & divinity!

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