Believe & Confess For Kids (Paperback)

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These short, simple declarations are all based on scripture using a combination of prayers and paraphrases from various translations of the Bible. There are seven different declarations, grouped into of the week so they can be used daily or used specifically to target a situation or emotion your child is feeling.

The word of God is powerful, the Bible says that it is like “a two edged sword” in our mouth (Heb 4:12/Psalm 149:6), so it is important to help and guide our children to use it effectively and not just to see the Bible as a story book.

When my son Zach was 9 years old, he used to get really scared at night. Every time he went to imagination would run wild and make him very fearful for no reason.

This book started when I wrote out a declaration for him to say every night before going to sleep.

Sometimes he would speak it out 2 or 3 times a night until he knew it off-by-heart and the fear left him.

I pray this book will help children know and grow as they believe and confess the word of God.

Suitable for children from the age of 7.

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