PROPHETIC DREAM: Embraced by the Man of Fire!

PROPHETIC DREAM: Embraced by the Man of Fire!

Some months ago, while seeking God for fresh strategies and wisdom to navigate this Divine Reset time, I dreamt I met the Holy Spirit. In the dream He appeared like a Man of Fire to me. If you’ve ever seen a movie stunt man set alight in a fire-retardant suit, it was pretty similar! However, He wasn’t staggering around in agony, He was walking towards me with purpose, peace, confidence and grace.

Embracing me with His burning arms and drawing my head to rest on His blazing chest, He gently answered my longings for strategic wisdom for the future.

“This is the strategy,” He quietly and firmly whispered, “This is the strategy.”

Slowly the hot flames of His heart began to ignite the dry places of my own soul. Electricity pulsated through my chest, the bubbling hot lava of heaven stirred in my heart, excitement, passion, energy and strength simmered in my soul.

“This is the strategy,” He continued to whisper, as flames poured from His strong embrace into my entire being, “This is the strategy.”

To be hugged by the burning passion, love and energy of heaven – sometimes that is all the strategy you need! To be saturated again in the power and presence of God, to be enveloped and overwhelmed by the raging rivers of His grace and to fall overwhelmed, into a fresh all-engulfing baptism of the Holy Spirit, that is what will be truly era-defining.

God’s Spirit, poured out upon us from Acts chapter 2 onwards, is often pictured as a “fire” throughout the New Testament (Matthew 3:11-12, Luke 3:16-17, Acts 2:3-4, 1 Thessalonians 5:19).

Daily I have meditated on the burning embrace of the Holy Spirit and the cold, tired embers of my weary heart have been rekindled again, stirring the flames of wisdom in me, with which I write this book to you. I have written, not to encourage in you an endless pursuit for new, clever or complex ideas, but rather with the desire that the new fire that is shut up in my bones, would burn in you too. That we would end our time together so engulfed in the fires of His embrace, and that there we would find all the wisdom we need, as His voice leads us and His power energizes us.

Let the Man of Fire embrace you right now. Sit back in the burning arms of your Comforter and Counsellor and listen humbly for His voice. If you do, you will have all you need to face the future.

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