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If you have ever felt weak, insecure, inadequate, guilty or lonely – this book is for you!

Discovering what your hopes, dreams and visions are is easy, but living them and fulfilling them throughout your life-time is actually much harder? Skills, talents and dreams get you so far, but every life needs grit, determination, endurance and flexibility to truly make it!
It is with this in mind that Jarrod Cooper wrote the book “STRONGER: Building a Powerful Interior World,” and published an online course that goes with it. Now he has joined with his wife, Victoria and well-known speaker and leader Marion Cooper, to give you this glossy, 40-day devotional.
Packed with brand new material, “STRONGER: The 40 day Devotional” will take you on a journey building attitudes and beliefs that will release divine wisdom and strength in your life. Each day presents you with a scripture, an inspirational short piece to get you thinking, followed by a prayer, action point or declaration.
The Bible says that the weak will say, “I am strong!”– 40 days from now, that will be your testimony, as you put into place divine strategies for growing in God’s might, found in this book.
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