Ben Feels Lonely: Buy 10 Books For £50


This is a story about a boy who moves to a new school, leaving all of his friends behind.

Join Ben as he discovers what it’s like to feel lonely, but realises that he is never alone.

Suitable for children aged 3+

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As part of the Believe & Confess Series, Zach Cooper has written another storybook for kids.

Using his own experiences Zach writes about a boy called Ben who learns how to manage his emotions using the Word of God.

In his first book, “Ben Gets Scared” we read how Ben, who gets scared at night, discovers a very special way to fight his fears.

In this second book we continue to follow Ben’s story as he struggles with loneliness when he moves to a new school.

These books have helped dozens of children who have battled fear, anxiety and even depression.

We are told in the Bible that the Word of God is like a razor-sharp sword in our hands. Jesus used scripture to silence the devil and so must we. We pray these books will help your child in their relationship with God and knowing the power of the spoken Word of God.

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