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Buy all 3 books from our Believe & Confess book series:

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Buy all 3 books from our Believe & Confess book series:

Believe & Confess: This book teaching why confession is powerful and necessary, how you can use it to change your mind and your world – and then leaving you with confessions for each day, for regular use.

Believe & Confess For Kids: These short, simple declarations are all based on scripture using a combination of prayers and paraphrases from various translations of the Bible. There are seven different declarations, grouped into days of the week so they can be used daily or used specifically to target a situation or emotion your child is feeling.

Ben Gets Scared: As part of the Believe & Confess Series, Zach Cooper has added his own contribution with a storybook for kids about conquering fear with the Word of God. This is a story about a boy who is scared of heights, scared of spiders and scared at night. Join Ben as he discovers a very special way to fight his fears. Suitable for children aged 3+

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