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  1. Derek Tripp says:

    Hi I’m not receiving new podcasts on iTunes although they are on the blog?

    1. Tganks for letting us know. We’ll check that.

  2. Stephen clark says:

    As a person who has just had a traumatic 3yrs in prison where I came across mr cooper, I want to thank you for helping me turn my life around and become a Christian. Although I did wrong I now know that God loves me and I can have a positive influence on the people around me. Becoming a Christian has given me a new life and that is down to mr cooper, thank you, God bless

    1. That’s lovely to hear Stephen! Thanks for writing… Jarrod

  3. Mrs Fitzpatrick says:

    Thank you you always make me feel ,alive

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi ‘New Life, Days of Wonder, Jarrod Cooper’ just got home from a house fellowship to talksport being bellowed out at 9:40. Asked politely, would you might if I change the channel [the DAB radio was a birthday present to me, but still had to ask anyway… humility, grrrr]. Then surprise, Holy Spirit speaks to me through the recording – I really do need to hear it again: it goes along the lines of the bigger the destiny the longer the preparation, using examples of David fighting the lion, the bear before Goliath came along, and God pouring bravery, patience etc into us. Strangely, but not so odd in retrospect, ‘days of wonder’ dropped into my spirit earlier today, to the point where I think I was singing the theme tune…. so please…. today is Wednesday 24th February 2016 and the recording was on UCB2, is there anyway you can give me the title so I can search and download? Thank you very much and sincerely in advance -please use supplied email address

  5. Sunita Bih says:

    Hi Jarrod, I got to know about you from listening to one of your teachings on UCB inspirational. I just listened to your podcasts but I’m talking about this is war. You mentioned a story about a 12 year old and the Prayer method her father taught her. I don’t speak in tongues and will love to! I also want to improve my prayer life but don’t know how😐How do I pray and trust that God will answer me? I want the Lord to see me on the last day and say I knew you, how can I get about that? Thanks and may God continue to bless you, your ministry and your family.🙏🏽

    1. Hi Sunita! Thanks for writing. Do get some good books on the Holy Spirit… And seek God to pour out His Spirit on you. He will! Blessings. Jarrod

  6. Ron tibble says:

    Have been in the dark for a while woke up this am and had to find king of kings on you tube it reminded me what I should b doing tnx mate

    1. Bless you Ron. You’re welcome. Jarrod

  7. Thank you, Jarrod, for your UCB broadcasts… As a long-term Christian they have brought me back to the core, and allowed me to become the leader I was meant to be. May God grant you every blessing in your work. Amen.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Every blessing!

    2. Stephen Pagany says:

      Hi Stephen. Yes, Jarrod has a habit of doing this to long term Christians who have run out of puff! God bless.

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