New online Course – Moving in Healing, Miracles & Prophecy

New online Course – Moving in Healing, Miracles & Prophecy


healing-miracle-prophecyIn John 14:12 Jesus makes the incredible statement, that his disciples would do even greater things than He did – which is pretty amazing as Jesus prophesied accurately, healed countless individuals, performed amazing signs and wonders and even raised the dead!

So how can you and I step into these promised “Greater Things?” If Jesus said it, it must be true, but there are many who struggle to enter the realm of heavens miraculous power and see the supernatural break out in every day life. How can you equip your mind, your lifestyle, your spiritual sensitivities, to enter the realm of God’s miraculous power?

That’s what this course is all about.

This online course is packed full of very practical video and audio teaching (almost 11 hours of it), inspiring video testimonials from people who have experienced miracles themselves, as reported on Christian and secular media; journals for personal reflection and online discussions, to join with others across the globe to inspire and encourage you into a new level of God’s power at work in your life.

It is our aspiration to encourage thousands of ordinary people, to walk in God’s extraordinary power as they listen, read, think, pray, discuss and then begin to step out into a new dimension of divine grace – moving in healing, miracles and prophecy.

Welcome to the start of a most amazing season in your life…


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