Music Discography

Jarrod has penned hundreds of songs since 1984, many of which you can find to view for free on his You Tube channel and featured in the albums below:

deepcallsDeep Calls to Deep 1994
Jarrod’s very first album, 11 intimate worship songs.
No longer available

songbowSong of the Bow 1996
A “wisdom” album, where allegory and storytelling bring some fresh themes to life.
No longer available

days-of-wonder.jpgDays of Wonder 1998
The highly acclaimed independent album that featured songs like Kings of kings Majesty, Days of Wonder, Lost in Your Glory and Be Thou My Vision.
Still available here

i trembleI Tremble 2000
An album of intimate worship and prophetic song.
No longer available

rendRend the Heavens 2003
The only “home made” album, where Jarrod experimented with new songs and sounds.
No longer available

King of Kings, MajestyKing of Kings, Majesty.  2005
Recorded by Authentic Music in the UK and in Nashville, this album featured Jarrod’s best songs up to this point, released by an established record company for the first time. No longer available

riverBeautiful River 2007
The second album with Authentic Media, featured some of the greatest songs of the era, plus some penned by Jarrod himself.
No longer available

kingsway compiKingsway Compilation (King of kings Majesty & Beautiful River) 2010
A double CD release by Kingsway, featuring the two recordings above.
No longer available

shineShine on Me (1988-1998) 2015
A compilation of Jarrods best songs from 1988 til 1998.
Still available here

dreamingDreaming (1998-2008) 2015
A compilation of Jarrods best songs from 1998 til 2008.
Still available here

Wallet.CovSanctuary 2015
A relaxed, chilled album of sweet worship to relax to.
Still available here

LOST IN YOUR GLORYLost In Your Glory 2017
A free downloadable “best of” album, for those who subscribe to our ENewsletters.
Available to download here.