Lift Up Holy Hands

Lift Up Holy Hands


you-were-made-to-praise-god-because-it-keeps-you-emotionally-healthy“He placed the cherubim inside the innermost room of the temple, with their wings spread out” 1 Kings 6:27

Raising your hands is such a small thing but can mean so much. If you’re being arrested, it’s the universal sign for surrender. Be arrested by God today.

As a friend walks towards you, if their arms are open wide you know you’re in for a loving embrace or a fun bear hug. Let the Father bear hug you today, like Jesus tells us He does to His Prodigals. (Luke 15:20)

Science has shown that standing with your face upward and your hands raised, palms up, is a significant physical position. Tests have shown it is very difficult to conjure up negative emotion in such a position. You were made to praise God because it keeps you emotionally healthy. Take some time in a quiet place to stand, raise your hands, and quietly praise Him today.

Lastly, when we place a sacrifice on an altar, we lift whatever we have to give in our hands, and place it before God. Why not take a moment to give everything back to God today. The good, the bad, the ugly are all better in His Hands.

No wonder the cherubim are designed to stand in the presence of God, wings (arms!) permanently lifted to God in worship. I hope that today, our arms would be lifted regularly in surrender, in embrace, in praise and in sacrifice. Surely God will dwell in such a surrendered life.

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