“It’s Not About Failing, it’s about Unveiling”

“It’s Not About Failing, it’s about Unveiling”

One thing God has spoken so clearly to me during these recent troubling and difficult times, with tricky decisions, frustrating complexities and daunting challenges, is that He has NOT brought us to this place to fail.

I’ll say it again: He has NOT brought us to this place to fail.

On Sunday 9th February 2020, without any inclination of what the year would hold, God said to me through a dream, “I’ve not brought you here to fail, I’ve brought you here to be unveiled.”

I think this tough season will be for our good and for the making of us all. It will clarify our callings, unveil true identities, sharpen our focus, and develop a bold confidence regarding our destinies.

Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3), we will find that this fiery trial is actually burning the limitations off us all, like the ropes in that fiery furnace! The fires will release us from doubts, reticence and fear. Many are being delivered from delay and deliberation. Chains are falling away. Ropes are being burned. Locks are being undone and divine doors opened. LIMITATIONS ARE BEING LOOSED!

Expect to come through this time more confident, settled, mature and ready for all God has for you. This time will be for your unveiling.


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