How to Avoid Change!

How to Avoid Change!


as-iron-sharpens-iron-so-one-person-sharpens-anotherChange is horrid. It makes us feel uncomfortable, inadequate and sweaty.

Surely it is possible to be successful without actually changing? Without having anyone make us feel inadequate at any moment, teaching us, being an example we could learn from?

I have discovered the way to find inner success, without changing at all. It is called “Defensive Thinking”.

It’s easy. Just use the defensive thoughts below to fend off any pressure to change brought by other people’s success. Here’s how to do it. Simply give people these “tags” whenever their behaviour impacts you:

Fanatic – Anyone more dedicated than you.
Hype – Any news that makes you feel inadequate.
Workaholic – Those who get to work before you.
Lazy – Those who get to work after you.
Immature – Anyone having more fun than you.
Prosperity Preacher – People who claim God gives them things.
Heretic – Anyone saying anything you’ve not heard before.
Extremist – People who get excited in worship.
Head in the Clouds – Anyone who prays more than you.
Old Fashioned – People who believe in repentance & sin.
Exaggeration – Stories of miracles.
Flake – Anyone who claims to have experienced supernatural phenomenon.
Too Good to be True – Anything relating to faith, grace or God’s goodness.
Unscriptural – Anyone/anything you want! You can find a verse for most things and most don’t know the bible well enough to fight you on it!
O.T.T. (Over The Top!) – Anyone who behaves like those listed in Hebrews 11.
Eccentric – People who do the kind of stuff Jesus did.

Just keep putting up those walls and you can avoid change your whole life. Keep re-affirming your perfection while belittling the strengths of others and you will never feel the sting of the hunger to grow or the shaping of “iron sharpening iron”.


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