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We are currently offering you a free downloadable album when you sign up to receive our “e:newsletter” updates.

Once you’ve signed up you will receive a link to download Jarrod’s compilation album “Lost In Your Glory” featuring 20 tracks from various albums from the last 20 years. You will need to download the album to a computer before moving the album to a phone/tablet device, though you can sign up on any device.


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(Check your junk folder if the email isn’t immediately obvious, as it should all happen very quickly!).


27 comments on “Free album”
  1. Helen Watt says:

    Hi Jarrod, I’m not sure if this is the right place to just post a bit of encouragement to say I’ve been SO blessed and encouraged listening to your talk about family, forgiveness and community on a ‘slot’ on UCB 2 tonight (Fri. finishing about 10pm). Sensed the Holy Spirit speaking through that sermon, and at one point was laughing out loud when you recounted silly things we sometimes say when a bit embarrassed about giving encouragement. As Brits we don’t do encouragement well, but determined to change that, at least in my life (or let HIS life out a bit more!). God bless you loads, Helen.

    1. Bless you Helen! That’s wonderful! Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Martin Renew says:

    Tried this once before and it didn’t work. Doesn’t look like it’s worked this time either. Should the email come straight away?

    1. Hi Martin. I think they program had paused temporarily. It should work now. Apologies. Surprised it’s happened to you twice as we’ve only had a few glitches that we know of in the last few hundred subscribers. Sorry! Let me know if it still doesn’t work… Jarrod

    2. Hi Martin…Have gone into the system and pushed a test email to you to see if you get the download codes. Hope you receive it now. Jarrod

  3. Dave Cooper says:

    Hi Jarrow
    Have enjoyed your teaching and songsin the past.
    I have been trying to record my wife Alesia’s songs for a while as well as developing my own ministry. I would love to visit you some time to talk about this and any advice and support you could offer.

  4. Adebola says:

    I can’t get to the page on the free downloads.

    1. Have you not received an email with a website address? if the address is not “live” (ie a blue line) copy and paste it into a web browser. I have just checked the links and they are all working fine.

  5. Dave Redfern says:

    Thanks for your generous gifts… looking forwarding to listening over the hols. Blessings and sorry it’s taken me so long to sing up for your E: Newsletters Happy Christmas to you and family… #funtimes

    1. Bless you Dave! And happy Christmas.

  6. Michael yarrow says:

    My experience is the same as John above, just going round in circles, no download links.

  7. Linda milner says:

    Which church in hull are you at? Heard your 10.30 am teaching on ucb .really good want to ear more.

    1. Revive Church… We meet 10.30am in Cineworld cinema in Hull.

  8. John says:

    I can’t get my free downloads as well. Everything I do brings me back to this same page with “SIGN UP HERE”, no downloadable links

    1. They will have been sent as an email to the address you entered. Apologies for delay. Have been abroad. Let me know how you get on. Jarrod

  9. shirley says:

    cant get my free downloads?

    1. Hi Shirley. You will relieve an email once you’ve signed up. You can download them onto a laptop or computer by clicking the links in the email. From there you add them to phone/iPad etc. Blessings. Jarrod

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