When Spirit & Word Collide: eCourse

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This Course is designed to inspire you and cause some awakenings in different areas of your life.

I came across a prophetic word brought to the Church in 1947 by a renowned man by the name of Smith Wigglesworth. He spoke of several coming phases in the life of the Church that would span the following decades. The first few phases have unfolded exactly as prophesied. The final stage is yet to be fulfilled; a time when people of the “Spirit” and people of the “Word” come together; he said this would lead to the greatest move of God ever known.

My book, “When Spirit & Word Collide” addresses how we can prepare for this as individuals, ministries and churches and this course, based on the book, is designed to take you deeper as an individual, a group or a church to develop a healthy tension, growing in both Spirit & the Word.

So what’s in the course?

  • Video introductions to each chapter from Jarrod Cooper
  • Read each chapter from Jarrod’s book
  • Download & answer questions for your own journal and reflections
  • 14 hours of audio & video teaching
  • Assignments


Who is this course for?

Church Leaders, department leaders, aspiring leaders, anyone who longs to see God move more in our churches, towns, cities & nation.

Course Chapters

  • Introduction
  • When Spirit & Word Collide
  • When Spirit & Word Unite
  • A Revival Of Pentecost
  • A Revival Of Intimacy
  • A Revival Of Apostleship
  • A Revival Of Discipleship
  • A Revival Of Prayer
  • A Revival Of Atmosphere
  • A Revival Of Eccentricity
  • A Revival Of The Prophetic
  • A Revival Of The Unusual
  • A Revival Of Church Growth
  • A Revival Of Organisation
  • Overcoming The Critics
  • Ready For Revival?


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