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Life can be tough! The Bible likens it to a race. Now starting the race is the easy bit. Have you noticed yet that finishing this race isn’t going to be nearly as easy, fun or dreamy, as starting it?!

Building genuine strength and resilience for the journey ahead is necessary to complete the race of your life, without getting shipwrecked along the way.

Perhaps you have a vision, but you can also be quite insecure. Perhaps you have gifts from God, and yet you’re thin-skinned and easily offended, and this rocks you to your core. Are you too easily distracted, discouraged, ill-disciplined or just ill?

This course is all about where we find strength. Jarrod writes that “God provides us with strength builders along our path” – some we need to pick up and use, others will simply happen to us along the way, by a kind of divine providence. But knowing these seasons of muscle building are from heaven (‘cos they usually look like they’re from hell at first!) is vital to recognising God’s plan for your resilience.

If you have a desire to develop strength for your life – to protect your marriage or enjoy singleness, to fulfil your vision or grow your career, to enjoy a long life and keep your integrity, then this course is just for you!

So what’s in the course?

  • Downloadable chapters of Jarrod’s book “Stronger”
  • Over 15 hours of downloadable audio and video teaching from Jarrod Cooper
  • Journalling
  • Group discussions

Who is this course for?

Anyone wanting to build genuine spiritual inner strength and resilience for their God-given destiny.

Course Chapters

  • Introduction
  • Weakness Is Boring!
  • The Power Of Perseverance
  • Don’t Run From Resistance
  • The Flexible, Flourish
  • Building A Firm Foundation
  • The Power Of Your Thoughts
  • Embarrass Sin Before It Embarrasses You!
  • Living In Your Grace Zone
  • Two Are Better
  • Skill Magnifies Strength
  • The Power Of Habit
  • Clothed With Strength


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