Spiritual Truths For Living Free From Stress, Anxiety & Depression

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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Jesus – in the book of John, chapter 16:33

Some studies have shown that over 75% of visits to doctors are stress related in some way, as an epidemic of anxiety floods our western way of living. Many people, even committed Christians, are struggling to find healthy ways to live and walk with peace and purpose.

But throughout the Bible we find references to peace. Even “peace that surpasses understanding.” It would seem that the ancient Jewish and Christian texts are filled with hints about how to live well, live peacefully, live healthy.

And so this course is designed both for the Christian who wants to live biblically, and for the enquirer who wants to consider the ancient Biblical truths of finding peace. It is packed with little ideas to help de-stress your life and healthy ways of thinking.

In the course, you will find a daily 1-2 minute introductory video, followed by around 5-8 minutes of audio content from a “live” teaching environment, plus a stress busting journal to think through, pray and fill in – all aimed at helping you live more stress free.

The aim is to help eliminate attitudes and actions in our lives that increase stress and anxiety, and may even lead to depression.

PLEASE NOTE – a short course like this is no replacement for good face to face pastoral counselling or visiting your GP/doctor if you think you may be clinically depressed. This course has not been developed from a medical viewpoint, but rather from almost 30 years of pastoral care and the author’s personal experiences of stress, anxiety and depression.


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