Extravagant Lovers Of God

3 students

God has designed us to live big, generous lives, in our worship, our lifestyles and our relationships. In this series, you will be stretched to new places of thinking bigger, grander and wider, about ways your life can go places you never imagined!


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3 comments on “Extravagant Lovers Of God”
  1. Belinda Janse Van Rensburg says:

    It’s something iv done lol 😂 …. I paused it to do something then started it again….no worries at all.

  2. Belinda Janse Van Rensburg says:

    I’m terrible with technology 😂 …. Iv completed 3 sessions of Extravagant lovers of God … Brilliant series … Lots in there! It’s not letting me show I completed number 3 and something that I failed hee hee 🤣

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Mmmm. Did the audio run to the very end of the recording? It may only register if it runs til it stops.

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