Destiny Demystified

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Why were you born? How can you discover God’s purpose for your life, and find true fulfilment in every day living? How can you discover and successfully fulfil your divine potential in God? How can you make sure you don’t “miss it” in life? Have your mistakes of the past deeply affected God’s ideal plan for your life? What are the most common errors in hearing God for our future?

These and many other questions are answered in this powerful teaching series “Destiny Demystified”

In this series Jarrod speaks of the greatest enemies of your destiny; things that seek to harm and distract you. He speaks of how to find successful rest in a purpose driven life; how to develop your relational intelligence and enjoy the friendships required for destiny; and how to enjoy God’s supernatural power in your life day by day. You want to fulfil all God has for you in the future, then these teachings are a must!


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