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Surviving Lockdown

Are you going Lockdown Loco yet? Feeling the fatigue of the constant change? With kids at home long term, depression on the rise, exhaustion from the constant adjustments, the loss of control and even a sense of grief over-shadowing the year so far, how can we lift our hopes this summer and get to the…
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2020-08-24 0

Leaders – Beware Fatigue!

On a prayer walk today I was struck by a line that came up in a leadership forum I was honoured to speak at yesterday. The line was “Beware Fatigue!” – and it resonated with some of the leaders present. So far 2020 has been an incredibly unusual time for everyone, but I want to…
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2020-06-19 5

What I sense God is saying about the Coronavirus:

Today I began to pray about the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect upon my nation and the world, and as I prayed, I vividly saw God’s throne standing strong over a dark ocean of fearful global events. Immediately I was led to the verse: “The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD is enthroned…
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2020-03-17 5

Back To the Bible? Part 3

How Did Jesus See Scripture? I cannot even begin this blog correctly without thanking Andrew Wilson for his excellent book ‘Unbreakable’ which has inspired much of its content. Indeed, I simply stood and preached this message one Sunday with his book in my hand, unashamedly sharing its outstanding content. A link to the book is…
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2020-03-11 1

Back To The Bible? Part 2

Reasons To Trust The Bible There are many fascinating reasons we should trust the divine root of the scriptures. Here is a selection of them to stir your thinking: Archaeological Evidence The Hittites are mentioned almost 50 times in the Old Testament, but for centuries there has been no archaeological evidence of their existence. Of…
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2020-03-05 0

Back To The Bible? Part 1

In these days when anything declared authoritative is viewed with great suspicion (and even more so if it’s ancient too!) how can we be sure the Bible we revere as Christians is accurate, relevant, steadfast and worthy of being preached? Can we be sure its perceived moral codes are truly eternal when it evidently toys…
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2020-02-28 0

Join Our TRIBE

We are convinced that we are living in days when God wants to bring revival, power and influence to His people, across the world. We are therefore passionate about helping believers to live powerful lives, cultivate healthy, growing, presence-filled churches and bring the influence of God’s Kingdom to their world. One of the ways we…
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2020-02-19 0

“I was Healed, so why has my pain Returned?!”

I received a great letter from someone who had been praying for healing for others but has been puzzled by the fact that sometimes pain can appear to leave, but then return hours, days or even weeks later. This is a common phenomenon, and an important one to understand if we’re going to see God…
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2019-07-12 4

A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity

On August 16 1977, when I was just seven years old, one of the greatest singers and performers of a generation died. While millions mourned him around the world, far less truly understood the struggle that had taken place in his tormented soul. While this spectacular and talented performer was known by the world for…
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