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Prophetic Word: It’s a New Season…can you see it?

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecc 3:1 Life has many seasons. There are seasons of dreaming, periods of preparation, times of silence and eras of learning. This is true of people, families, organisations and of course, churches. It was even true of Jesus. You can’t fight it,…
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2015-02-13 0

True worship just might be messy…

I have discovered the greatest hindrance to a move of God can be quite simply right between my ears! My arrogant senses of right and wrong, godly and secular, acceptable and unthinkable. My religious education. My British culture. They can all hinder the divine, eternal culture of heaven from piercing through the dull temporal culture…
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2014-11-28 0

Church discipline at Revive Church

A brief biblical study on sin, correction and exclusion from membership. Church discipline, in the context of a modern congregation, is one of the most difficult things Christians can face. But every church does have to occasionally deal with difficult toxic issues that will poison and radically alter the culture of a congregation. If not…
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2014-05-18 0

How we Pastor at Revive Church

As soon as a church reaches a membership of more than about 150/200, people start to say (or feel) “The Pastor no longer has time for me”. The experienced among them will know that is a literal truth, not a criticism. The classic church, led by one Minister/couple simply will not be able to give…
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2014-03-24 0

The Drain of Unhappy teams

  Leading an unhappy team is an exhausting thing if you care about people. No leader revels in a grumbling, unhappy, uncooperative work force. If “the joy of The Lord is your strength” then an unhappy environment will surely sap the strength out of you! I’ve been there… Exhausted, drained, weary. You’ve got to get…
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2013-12-10 0

Here I Stand

  “Here I stand. Testify against me in the presence of the Lord and his anointed. Whose ox have I taken? Whose donkey have I taken? Whom have I cheated? Whom have I oppressed? From whose hand have I accepted a bribe to make me shut my eyes? If I have done any of these,…
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2013-01-13 0

The Enemy Tactic

  “I would attack him while he is weary and weak. I would strike him with terror, and then all the people with him will flee. I would strike down only the king” (2 Samuel 17:2 NIV) Your leaders are a gift from God to you, according to Ephesians 4. Through leadership God intends to…
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2013-01-10 0

A Purple Patch? Really?

  This last weekend a friend commented “Sounds like you’re in a purple patch!” Not being acquainted with the phrase, I discovered it is apparently when everything is going great, note worthy, successful – a great season of fruitfulness in an organisation. “A Purple Patch” on an otherwise dreary garment! It took me by surprise…
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2012-08-31 0

JESUS: What was He REALLY Like?

  A Messiah in my Image? Leadership according to Jesus. Years ago I wrote a controversial little song, where the chorus went: Is your Messiah made in your image? Is your Jesus under control? Is your religion made for your glory, or His? The Bible is, of course, a plumb line for us all of…
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2012-08-03 0

Why we chose a church with bad music!

  I recently read this simple little blog, and one response to it, and it seemed so natural, rooted, mature. I felt it expressed something of a call to remember simplicity in all our “attractional” platform driven churches. I’m not advocating it as a model…just a reminder: Shaun Groves writes: I’m often asked to speak…
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2012-07-03 0

Why Build a Church Building?

When ever we set out to build a church building, it must have a great context to for it to flourish. Churches don’t exist to build empires, self promoting monoliths or ego inspired monuments. Neither are they simply “community centres”, no more important than the local gym. But beyond needing to increase seating capacity and…
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2012-07-03 0

The Greatest Mountain? The Greatest Battle!

  “60% of UK churches no longer have a corporate prayer meeting.” When I read that stat I wondered about writing a blog “RIP: The British Prayer Meeting”, or “How to revive prayer in a contemporary church setting” etc etc. My worry was no one would click through to read the blog. Unfortunately, the stat…
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2012-06-15 2

5 Principles of Church Growth

A few thoughts on church growth in a Western setting…. One of the ways we show a love for God and for the people He loves, is to have a passionate, organised, Spirit inspired attitude to reaching lost souls for Christ and growing them into disciples – which means growing our churches. I have noticed…
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2012-04-13 0

Cameron Praises the Christian Fight Back!

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Christian Fight Back” speech, made at Downing Street to Christian ministries from across the denominations 3 April 2012. In it he praises what he calls “The Christian Fight Back….”. Remarkable! Here is the full script: “As you know, we have receptions here for Diwali, for Eid, for Jewish New Year,…
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2012-04-04 0

A Pastors New Year Resolutions

1. I will not obsess about how many people turn up each week. I will aim for a healthy church, and God can grow the church. 2. I will not end up a part-time Christian while in full time ministry. 3. I will remember I cannot do everything, so make sure my “not to do”…
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2011-12-31 0

The Kind of Church I want to go to

Lord, can I go to this church please….. I want to be part of a Church that embraces both Spirit & Word, contemporary excellence AND powerful outpourings of God’s Spirit: … where there is an ebb and flow of the Spirit/Word dynamics. One week you might think you’re in a Joel Osteen meeting, the next…
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2011-12-31 0

Why Cranky Christians Criticise Christian Celebrities – PLEASE STOP!

One of our Prime Ministers, in recent years, proclaimed that Britain is a Christian country, and that the Anglican church should spearhead a revival of Christian morality. The statements were brave and almost unprecedented from a PM in living memory. While many Christians were celebrating his bravery, some immediately engaged in friendly fire, picking holes…
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2011-12-17 0

Sunday, Grumpy Sunday

I realise this may be an utter surprise to those who don’t lead churches… but us pastors can have bad, bad days. Often, Sundays! Now, lots of things make me grumpy. I know it shouldn’t be so, but sometimes Sunday isn’t so much holy for me, as grumpy. Here are the top ten things that…
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2011-11-18 0

Unity is not THE Answer

There are endless unity meetings I could be in. As a minister I could literally spend most days in some networking meeting or another. But I feel we actually have a job to do in reaching millions of souls (not reaching each other!)…..and I have discovered…. 10 things Unity is not… Unity is not a group…
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2011-06-23 0

Church Health Check!

The following is a compilation of Health Check lists from denominations around the world. Amazing how similar so many are: Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches: Natural Church Development 1. Empowering leadership 2. Gift-oriented ministry Development 3. Passionate spirituality 4. Functional structures 5. Inspiring worship service 6. Holistic small groups 7. Need-oriented evangelism 8. Loving…
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