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A Prophetic Word for Revive Church (and many others) for 2020 and beyond

Isaiah 60 – The Glory of Zion 60 “Arise, shine, for your light has come,     and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. 2 See, darkness covers the earth     and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you     and his glory appears over you. 3 Nations will come to your light,     and kings to the brightness of your dawn. 4 “Lift up your eyes and look…
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I have been meditating on Tuckman’s theory that good teams often go through stages of initial forming, then enter a storming stage before a norming appears, as direction and relationships settle. And I believe God is speaking to me about many in the body of Christ right now: The body of Christ is at a…
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2019-12-11 3

The Global Leadership Tribe

If you are a leader or aspiring leader join our Global Leaders Tribe, a fantastic online community for teams, influencers, pastors, artists and so much more. You will receive Unlimited access to all our online courses and an extensive library of video and audio teachings, PLUS… Free ebooks: – you will receive 4 of Jarrod’s…
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“I was Healed, so why has my pain Returned?!”

I received a great letter from someone who had been praying for healing for others but has been puzzled by the fact that sometimes pain can appear to leave, but then return hours, days or even weeks later. This is a common phenomenon, and an important one to understand if we’re going to see God…
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2019-07-12 4

Two new books – OUT NOW!

Our two new books “The Leadership Quest – volume 1” and “A Fusion of Humanity & Divinity” are out now in paperback and for Kindle! The Leadership Quest is packed full of inspiration for church leaders. Humanity & Divinity will help everyone step higher in your faith and leave behind your fears. Find out more,…
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Stuff Jesus did, that they’ll tell you not to!

In the contemporary, polite, suit wearing (or indeed tight-jean wearing!) niceness of church leadership, there are many “tut tutters” that would seek to sanitise and soften who Jesus truly was. Some overcook the “meek and mild” image of Jesus, leaving us with a bland do-gooder god-man who would not raise his voice or display his…
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A Fusion Of Humanity & Divinity

On August 16 1977, when I was just seven years old, one of the greatest singers and performers of a generation died. While millions mourned him around the world, far less truly understood the struggle that had taken place in his tormented soul. While this spectacular and talented performer was known by the world for…
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2019-04-02 0

Understanding Prophecy

Yesterday I released what I believe is a prophetic word for Great Britain and Europe, regarding Brexit, nations, revival and prayer (read it here). Garnering thousands of reads overnight, while many were obviously quite used to national prophecy and found it inspiring in some way, some others were confused by it. Please allow to add…
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2019-02-24 0

Prophetic Word Regarding Great Britain & Brexit

While in prayer today I sensed God speaking into the nation at this time of political upheaval (Brexit) and change. Sorry if any of these concepts offend anyone’s political views, but let me simply explain what I saw: I saw Great Britain as a tree that once stood alone, but was now hidden among a…
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2019-02-23 5

Turn Problems into Power!

Today I heard Graham Cooke say “God would not send a problem your way, without provision attached to it!” What a thought! As God is good, and “works everything together for our good,” we must conclude that everything He allows, He will only use to perfect, grow and shower further grace and favour on us,…
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A brand new resource to help you overcome stress, anxiety & depression

It’s blue Monday, when some say it’s the saddest day of the year! The truth is that statistics show that every week, 1 in 6 adults experiences a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression. Many people, even committed Christians, struggle today to find healthy ways to live and walk with peace and purpose. With this in mind, we…
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2019-01-21 0

Prophetic Word – 2019 & Beyond

In prayer today I sensed the Spirit of God speaking into several themes, some are areas where He has been speaking to me for some time, while others are new for 2019: New Innovations The Spirit of God and prophecy are being released upon the body of Christ to innovate new ways to reach people with…
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2018-12-20 2

Jesus said “Go” – we prefer to “Gather”

The third great unchanging truth from the Great Commission is that Jesus said, “Go into all the world.”  Jesus said “Go.” We often stay. We prefer to settle.  Perhaps it’s fear driven, but it seems that most pastors and Christians obsess about accumulating, growing, gathering, when it seems Jesus tells us there is Kingdom power…
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2018-12-07 0

The Introverted Leader

We live in a world that seems to adore the extroverted. This has an impact even on the church world. A “faith and leadership” web article recently spoke of “the evangelical megachurch, which often centres around a dynamic, celebrity pastor who encourages others to also be extroverted in their faith.” It would seem that even…
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2018-12-04 1

Jesus said “Make Disciples” not “Run Church Services”

The second great truth from the Great Commission is that we are to be, and make, disciples. This means that the Church should feel like a training school, a barracks, a college, a training camp. But while Jesus said make disciples, we often think church is about running church services and projects. This, I believe,…
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2018-12-03 2

How Jesus Called us to Build Church

The Ways of Jesus As we face a new Church era, I want to leave you rooted in several simple ways of God. Unchanging instructions He has left us, that will not be adjusted by the changing seasons. These instructions worked through the early Church age, through the dark ages, the Reformation and they will…
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2018-11-30 0

When Prophets Pastor…

How to Pastor a Church when you’re Prophetic Not all Pastors are alike. In fact, no two are the same. Church Pastors are like cars: All run on roads, all can accelerate and brake – but under the bonnet (the “hood” for our American cousins) all Pastors are more different than most congregation members would…
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The STRANGE Complexities of Church Leadership – part 2

In part one of this blog about the complexities of church leadership, I outline the many ways church leadership is simply, complex. (read more here). Let me continue…. I realize all of the situations listed in my last blog are easy to fix from the side-lines. “A bit of compartmentalized thinking and good time and…
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The STRANGE Complexities of Church Leadership – part 1

Some say church leadership is hard, and there are endless blogs on the sorrows and pains of church leadership. While I sympathize in many ways, I also slightly disagree with this claim. I don’t really think Pastoral leadership is hard as such; it’s more that it is “complex” and “unusual” in ways that many don’t…
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The Echoes of our Lives

Probably the greatest thing we must realise, if we grasp the importance of the era in which we live, is that we must “live a life worthy of the calling we have received” (Ephesians 4:1). You are incredibly important. Your decisions matter. Your church is important. You have been born “for such a time as…
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