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Jesus said “Go” – we prefer to “Gather”

The third great unchanging truth from the Great Commission is that Jesus said, “Go into all the world.”  Jesus said “Go.” We often stay. We prefer to settle.  Perhaps it’s fear driven, but it seems that most pastors and Christians obsess about accumulating, growing, gathering, when it seems Jesus tells us there is Kingdom power…
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The Introverted Leader

We live in a world that seems to adore the extroverted. This has an impact even on the church world. A “faith and leadership” web article recently spoke of “the evangelical megachurch, which often centres around a dynamic, celebrity pastor who encourages others to also be extroverted in their faith.” It would seem that even…
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Jesus said “Make Disciples” not “Run Church Services”

The second great truth from the Great Commission is that we are to be, and make, disciples. This means that the Church should feel like a training school, a barracks, a college, a training camp. But while Jesus said make disciples, we often think church is about running church services and projects. This, I believe,…
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How Jesus Called us to Build Church

The Ways of Jesus As we face a new Church era, I want to leave you rooted in several simple ways of God. Unchanging instructions He has left us, that will not be adjusted by the changing seasons. These instructions worked through the early Church age, through the dark ages, the Reformation and they will…
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When Prophets Pastor…

How to Pastor a Church when you’re Prophetic Not all Pastors are alike. In fact, no two are the same. Church Pastors are like cars: All run on roads, all can accelerate and brake – but under the bonnet (the “hood” for our American cousins) all Pastors are more different than most congregation members would…
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The STRANGE Complexities of Church Leadership – part 2

In part one of this blog about the complexities of church leadership, I outline the many ways church leadership is simply, complex. (read more here). Let me continue…. I realize all of the situations listed in my last blog are easy to fix from the side-lines. “A bit of compartmentalized thinking and good time and…
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The STRANGE Complexities of Church Leadership – part 1

Some say church leadership is hard, and there are endless blogs on the sorrows and pains of church leadership. While I sympathize in many ways, I also slightly disagree with this claim. I don’t really think Pastoral leadership is hard as such; it’s more that it is “complex” and “unusual” in ways that many don’t…
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The Echoes of our Lives

Probably the greatest thing we must realise, if we grasp the importance of the era in which we live, is that we must “live a life worthy of the calling we have received” (Ephesians 4:1). You are incredibly important. Your decisions matter. Your church is important. You have been born “for such a time as…
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New TV series of Days of Wonder starts soon!

I’m Really looking forward to the new series of Days Of Wonder starting next week on TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65 or Sky Channel 582.   LAUNCH DATE: Monday 22 October 2018 at 10pm, with a new episode every Monday. Repeats: Wednesdays at 10:05am Fridays at 11pm Sundays at 1am   Let us know what…
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Study part-time at Revive College

Revive College has now made it even easier for you to study with us part time with two great morning options for you. Tuesday morning power morning Our Tuesday mornings run from 10.00 am – 12.30 pm and include inspirational preaching from Jarrod Cooper, Andrew Muray, the Revive senior leadership team and special guests. Worship,…
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6 Things Jesus NEVER said!

Never has the bible been more available to us all. But sometimes, as I read social media, I wonder if this bible, available in so many versions and formats, is actually being read in full at all! Some seem to base their world view on no more than Psalm 23, the first half of Ephesians,…
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New Interview in London with Jarrod Cooper

Jarrod was recently interviewed at the stunning new TBN studios in London. In the 30 minute interview he tells the story of his upbringing, his God-given dreams for revival, and the books “500” and “When Spirit and Word Collide”. WATCH HERE

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NEW! Prophetic Word – 2018

In prayer this morning (3rd May 2018), I felt this word from heaven. I sense God would say: There is a ripping open of the heavenly realms above the United Kingdom right now – bringing the Church into a new season in God. Encounters are increasing; the prophetic realm is being amplified, clarified, and magnified…
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Prophetic Word: We are Entering a new Day of Glory

Last year Jarrod took 2 months out as a prayer sabbatical to spend time hearing God. That time seeking God’s face resulted in the following prophetic word, printed in his book “500 – are we entering a new era of glory?” The Church will be filled with glory. A weighty sense of presence that has…
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Denominational Renewal in the 21st Century

Denominational renewal seems to be a point of great pain, stalling and infighting in the Christian world right now. I am saddened by the sight of good, godly men, who find themselves lost in the quagmire of organisational disagreement, having to waste valuable energy on difficult organisational renewal. This has led me to think about…
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Glory about to hit the Arts! #Prophecy

For my book “500”, I felt God give me these words about the arts, worship ministry and broadcasting in the future, as we enter a new era of glory upon the Church: The Church will become known again as a womb of creativity – art, music, words, media – Christian artists will be recognised as…
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Frustration – The devil or divine?

Sometimes we view frustrating set backs as the Devil, a failure of our devotion, skills, or even of heaven’s willingness to respond to our prayers. But in truth God has always frustrated the plans of man, marching only to the pace of His own divine purposes for us. Just look… God frustrated Adam and Eve…
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God’s Perfect Plan will blow your mind!

I want to show you that you were born into one of the most incredible seasons in global history. I also want to show you how to release the blessing God has for you in this remarkable era. Hold on to your hat….. this may blow your mind a little! Numbers are incredibly important in the…
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When you truly see Grace for the first time!

A little girl was born with a cleft pallet. Her self-esteem was deeply affected by the disfigurement. But, as a young girl, though deeply insecure, she had a teacher who truly adored her. One day in class, the teacher ran an activity that was partly a hearing test, but also a fun game. Each pupil would stand in front…
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Many Prophets are Prophesying a new Era!

Daniel 2: 21 states that God “changes times and seasons” while Acts 17:26 says God “determines pre-appointed times”. Amos 3:7 says “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets” As I’ve poured over prophetic words from around the world in recent times I have indeed found a recurring…
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