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I want Fire, not Fizzle!

I am amazed, at 40, to think about all the thousands of people I have met, worshipped with and enjoyed friendship with, who are no longer walking with God. It seems there are those who start so well, begin in fire, but end in a fizzle. This has led me recently to think about why…
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Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy for Britain Coming to Pass!

In 1947 Smith Wigglesworth prophesied the following: “During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in Great Britain. The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it, and will be characterised by a restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy…
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The Terrible Evangelist!

I’m a terrible evangelist. There, I’ve admitted it. I lead an AOG church in the north of England, I’m a pastor and I love to lead God’s people; but I’m a terrible evangelist. Now my story doesn’t end there. I may be a terrible evangelist, but lately I’ve been learning, in little baby steps, how…
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Join the Media Revolution!

Easter 1997. I was sitting in my apartment having spent all week at the revival in Pensacola. The week of meetings was over, but I had that ‘God-sense’ that something more was still to take place. I lay on the sofa, my feet up on the end arm rest and my head propped up by…
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Release Glory in Your Church!

As I ponder the ebb and flow of the movement of God’s Spirit in churches today, my mind is drawn to an email I received a few years ago. I had spent several days teaching a South African congregation about the presence of God, and then experiencing something of God’s glory with them. I left…
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Help Lord! I’m a Pastor and a Parent

A survivors guide to ministry and parenting! I’m not going to write to you because I’m a parent, but because I’m a son. My father has been in full time ministry over twenty years. We were missionaries for ten of those. We lived, four of us, for 7 years in a one and a half…
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Who’d Be a Pastors Kid?!

Coping with the pressures of being a PK in the Pastors Home! A pastors kid huh? Well don’t expect any sympathy. You’ve got it all. Your dad’s a walking concordance, your mum can sing like a canary, no one ever argues in your home, and you; you never feel lonely, lustful, unloved; and you don’t…
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Forever, for now

Harry Connick Jr, the modern day Sinatra-like crooner, limbers cheerfully through the “romantic” lines “if nothing lasts forever; then I’d figure I’d better take you forever, for now”, presumably unaware of the significance his wisdom carries. He describes the era in which we live. An era where we are washed daily in a new moral…
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Free introduction to Glory in the Church book

Read the amazing story of an encounter in the African bush that changed me forever. It’s the intro to my book Glory in the Church, now available to download from Amazon for Kindle here Today was the day my worship ministry would change forever and I didn’t even know it. I woke at 6.30am to…
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Prophetic word: Days of Wonder

Stadiums, arenas and the greatest auditoriums will be turned into church buildings. Market places filled with thousands will be overcome by the glory of God.

Revival? It might just kill you!

And yet, throughout the wondrous six weeks I began to realise I felt desperately weak