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I Had A Dream From God ~ Was it about you?

The TRIBE is an online community of passionate learners, leaders and churches across the world, dedicated to growing in God, growing in skills for life and leadership and growing in God’s presence and power for revival. There are currently three levels of Tribe membership: Tier 1 – LEARN (Access to our growing online digital library)…
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2021-06-17 0

A Vision of the Church in the New Era

As you read, read slowly, and let the prophetic potential of a glorious Bride arising in the earth in this coming era, flood your heart with the purposes of Jesus: I dream of a Church filled with God’s magnificent glory. Her members are adventurers, not mere attenders. Her leaders are releasers, not containers; equippers, not…
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2021-06-08 3

PROPHETIC DREAM: Embraced by the Man of Fire!

Some months ago, while seeking God for fresh strategies and wisdom to navigate this Divine Reset time, I dreamt I met the Holy Spirit. In the dream He appeared like a Man of Fire to me. If you’ve ever seen a movie stunt man set alight in a fire-retardant suit, it was pretty similar! However,…
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2021-05-28 0

PROPHECY: “The Church Has Left The Building”

On the night of 14th December 2020 I had a dream. In the dream I was leading a church service from the stage, with many in attendance. As I was about to announce the guest speaker, hundreds began to leave the service from the rear of the hall. Rapidly, they streamed out in droves, leaving…
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2021-05-25 1

PROPHECY: The Silver Surfers are Arising!

I see two generational course corrections emerging as we enter the new era. It is as if the Spirit of Elijah is at work again in this Divine Reset time – In my own words, I’d say the Silver Surfers are Rising, and the Young Arrows are being Released. In recent years, in many apparent…
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2021-05-21 9

Pandemic Prophecy: The Next Stage

“Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Marie Curie On 25th March 2020, as we were entering our first national lockdown in Britain, I spent time in prayer and was impacted by a vision of God’s…
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2021-05-18 0

Moving from Unity to Collaboration

For about a year the Lord has called out to my spirit that the Church is about to move beyond mere event-based unity, to a place of deeper, selfless collaboration. Unity is good of course. But many of us can remember the old unity events right back to the 1980’s. Our first attempts at unity…
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2021-05-14 2

Embracing the New Wave of Innovation in the Church

“Imagination is the most powerful nation on earth” Dan McCollam Innovations are breaking out across the Church and Kingdom. It is a time to innovate, explore, reinvent, discover, adventure, dream and experiment. These are the doorways to new days ahead! I know of new types of relationship and collaborations with organisations nearby and far afield,…
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2021-05-11 0

PROPHECY – God’s New Call to Prayer!

Could it be that our propensity to run to mission and busyness, without attentively tending to our altars of prayer, encounter and worship, means much of our church efforts are often powerless good works? Does our prayerlessness mean we lack the markers of God’s power among us, His presence upon us and His glory within…
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2021-05-07 1

PROPHECY: He Is Restoring Your Soul!

Many in leadership, and many in the ranks of every Church, are deeply weary at a soul level. Some lives are so filled with busyness and burden that we have lost connection with the sounds of our own souls, and it is this that has led some to private compromise. But I believe a deep…
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2021-05-04 1


As soon as we entered lockdown, church leaders had to begin thinking about changing almost everything, as multiple departments closed, public settings shut down and most endured the huge discovery curve of taking many ministries, groups and services online. Adrenaline pumped and it was actually a tad exciting (apart from those touched by grief or…
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2021-04-30 0

PROPHECY: God’s Word for the New Era

As we enter this new era in God I believe that He is saying that… …Out of the storms and shaking of this new dawn will form in my people a clear new vision, accompanied by an unveiling of fresh power, purity and my strategies for this time. This is a Time of Judgement &…
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2021-04-27 3

Resetting The Church through Life Changing Questions

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco This period of recent reflection under lockdown has not only been good for me as a person, but also for us as a church. It is so easy in the hustle and bustle of church life to experience mission drift, and to slowly,…
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2021-04-22 0

Prophetic Word – THE SHAKING

On Sunday 4th October 2020 I preached a prophetic word on the following passage. I think it sums up this pivotal time: “See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away…
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2020-10-05 8

PROPHETIC WORD: Entering The New, Despite The Pandemic!

On the 28th February 2020 I prepared this prophetic blog and was saving it until after our scheduled Spirit & Word Leaders Summit, as I was going to share the contents there first. The Summit of course, never happened, due to the global pandemic. Re-reading the prophetic word and following advice, it seems more pertinent…
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2020-05-13 7

What I sense God is saying about the Coronavirus:

Today I began to pray about the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect upon my nation and the world, and as I prayed, I vividly saw God’s throne standing strong over a dark ocean of fearful global events. Immediately I was led to the verse: “The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD is enthroned…
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2020-03-17 5

Back To the Bible? Part 3

How Did Jesus See Scripture? I cannot even begin this blog correctly without thanking Andrew Wilson for his excellent book ‘Unbreakable’ which has inspired much of its content. Indeed, I simply stood and preached this message one Sunday with his book in my hand, unashamedly sharing its outstanding content. A link to the book is…
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2020-03-11 1

Back To The Bible? Part 2

Reasons To Trust The Bible There are many fascinating reasons we should trust the divine root of the scriptures. Here is a selection of them to stir your thinking: Archaeological Evidence The Hittites are mentioned almost 50 times in the Old Testament, but for centuries there has been no archaeological evidence of their existence. Of…
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2020-03-05 0

Back To The Bible? Part 1

In these days when anything declared authoritative is viewed with great suspicion (and even more so if it’s ancient too!) how can we be sure the Bible we revere as Christians is accurate, relevant, steadfast and worthy of being preached? Can we be sure its perceived moral codes are truly eternal when it evidently toys…
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2020-02-28 0

Join Our TRIBE

We are convinced that we are living in days when God wants to bring revival, power and influence to His people, across the world. We are therefore passionate about helping believers to live powerful lives, cultivate healthy, growing, presence-filled churches and bring the influence of God’s Kingdom to their world. One of the ways we…
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