Can you help me write a book, please?

Can you help me write a book, please?

Dear friend,

Will you help me write a book please?

Over the last 29 years in my time at Revive (including the “New Life” years!), we’ve had story after story of healings, miracles, provision, God-encounters and angelic encounters, God speaking and God protecting.

The bible says that we “overcome by…the word of our testimony” (Rev  12:11). That means that our stories and reports of what God has done in the past, help us win the wars of today and tomorrow! The Psalms speaks often of “remembering what God has done” to help us trust Him. That’s what this book is all about.

I want to create a book with dozens of our Revive Stories from across the decades and around the world.

If you are a Revive member, or were at one time, can you tell me your amazing God-story? If you have been touched by God in a meeting, conference or mission connected to the Revive family, will you tell your story too? It could transform another life?

Please would you write to us if you have experienced a…

  • Healing or miracle (yourself, or when praying for another)
  • Angels
  • God speaking in a profound way
  • Financial provision
  • A remarkable result of praising or trusting God
  • A vision
  • A remarkable encounter with God
  • Leading the unsaved to Jesus
  • Any other remarkable, supernatural God intervention.

…would you write your story down please?

Each story needs to be no more than 200-300 words long, and include anything God asked you do to, or pray, or praise that was connected with the miracle.

We will have to edit some stories to make the book flow, but we will check the edited version with you for accuracy. We also may not be able to use every story, if there are a lot of one kind. But we will then compile them into a book that we can give away to newcomers, read ourselves or give anyone interested.


I hope you can help me with this exciting venture!

Thank you!

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