Born of God

Born of God


n-the-clay-jar-that-is-your-body-there-is-a-treasure-2-co-4-7-a-breath-a-divine-spark-and-it-makes-you-a-son-of-god-today-no-less-than-adam-in-fact-no-less-a-son-than-jesus-himselfmy-love“…Adam, the son of God” Luke 3:38

If you follow the genealogy of Jesus right back, it begins with “Adam, the son of God”.

Now Adam was made of mud, (Gen 2:7) but God breathed into the clay corpse of the very first man, and Adam came to life, the son of God.

If today you realise there are great parts of your life that are muddy, clay, dust; then that is good. It’s the truth. But take a moment to meditate on another truth about you:

In the “clay jar” that is your body, there is a treasure (2 Co 4:7). A breath. A divine spark. And it makes you a son of God today; no less than Adam, in fact no less a son than Jesus Himself!

When you came to God in surrender and asked Him into your life, repenting of your sin, asking for His grace – then the Father breathed Life into you, just like He did to Adam. The Bible calls it being Born Again, Born of God or Born from Above. A New Creation came to life!

Why not take a moment to let the Spirit of God breathe into your life again today. That wonderful Spirit will “testify to your spirit that you are His child” (Romans 8:16). In fact, a cry will rise up from within you “Abba, Daddy, Father” (Romans 8:15) – and you will remember that you are not simply a child of this earth, but a son of God; loved, forgiven, cared for, an Overcomer!

Your Father is going to help you through everything today – so be strong!

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