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Shaun Bolz talks with Dan McCollam

Dan McCollam, regular speaker at our key conferences in Hull, has recently been interviewed by renowned prophetic ministry Shaun Bolz for his “Exploring the Prophetic” podcast. In it Shaun says of Dan: “Dan McCollam is a legend in the prophetic and one of the world’s most prolific ministries right now. Dan leads an amazing Prophetic…
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NEW! Prophetic Word – 2018

In prayer this morning (3rd May 2018), I felt this word from heaven. I sense God would say: There is a ripping open of the heavenly realms above the United Kingdom right now – bringing the Church into a new season in God. Encounters are increasing; the prophetic realm is being amplified, clarified, and magnified…
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Prophetic Word: We are Entering a new Day of Glory

Last year Jarrod took 2 months out as a prayer sabbatical to spend time hearing God. That time seeking God’s face resulted in the following prophetic word, printed in his book “500 – are we entering a new era of glory?” The Church will be filled with glory. A weighty sense of presence that has…
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New Podcast: Abba Father

One of the great works of the Spirit is to bring you to the full revelation of the sons of God!  Listen/subscribe on iTunes here. Listen to FREE teaching by Dan McCollam from last year’s RESONATE Worship & Creative Summit. Book in to RESONATE 2018 here.

Denominational Renewal in the 21st Century

Denominational renewal seems to be a point of great pain, stalling and infighting in the Christian world right now. I am saddened by the sight of good, godly men, who find themselves lost in the quagmire of organisational disagreement, having to waste valuable energy on difficult organisational renewal. This has led me to think about…
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New Podcast: Discerning Destiny

God’s ways are not like ours. When we understand how he designs seasons of destiny to be lived, life goes well. Listen/subscribe on iTunes here. Listen to FREE teaching by Dan McCollam from last year’s RESONATE Worship & Creative Summit. Book in to RESONATE 2018 here….Early Bird Price ends 31st March

Glory about to hit the Arts! #Prophecy

For my book “500”, I felt God give me these words about the arts, worship ministry and broadcasting in the future, as we enter a new era of glory upon the Church: The Church will become known again as a womb of creativity – art, music, words, media – Christian artists will be recognised as…
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New Podcast: Your Job Description

There are a few truths that are easily definable and applicable to all. Lets take a test using some words of Jesus. Listen/subscribe on iTunes here.

Frustration – The devil or divine?

Sometimes we view frustrating set backs as the Devil, a failure of our devotion, skills, or even of heaven’s willingness to respond to our prayers. But in truth God has always frustrated the plans of man, marching only to the pace of His own divine purposes for us. Just look… God frustrated Adam and Eve…
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New Podcast: Shake, Run, Fix, Consider.

Hebrews 12 gives us four great things to do in order to fulfil destiny: Shake, Run, Fix, Consider.   Listen/subscribe on iTunes here.

The Greatest Leadership Change I Ever Made!

One of the greatest changes in leadership I ever made, was to stop going on leadership conferences on my own, and to start taking my leadership team and key church influencers with me! Instead of getting all excited about development on my own, suddenly all my influencers started to drive improvement and moves of God…
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New Podcast: Extravagant Lovers Of God

God has designed a certain way to help your heart be extravagant, healthy and free. Find out about it today! Listen/subscribe on iTunes here.

God’s Perfect Plan will blow your mind!

I want to show you that you were born into one of the most incredible seasons in global history. I also want to show you how to release the blessing God has for you in this remarkable era. Hold on to your hat….. this may blow your mind a little! Numbers are incredibly important in the…
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When you truly see Grace for the first time!

A little girl was born with a cleft pallet. Her self-esteem was deeply affected by the disfigurement. But, as a young girl, though deeply insecure, she had a teacher who truly adored her. One day in class, the teacher ran an activity that was partly a hearing test, but also a fun game. Each pupil would stand in front…
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New Podcast: He that is in you

God has placed all the strength you need inside you, through the power of the Spirit. Listen/subscribe on iTunes here.

Many Prophets are Prophesying a new Era!

Daniel 2: 21 states that God “changes times and seasons” while Acts 17:26 says God “determines pre-appointed times”. Amos 3:7 says “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets” As I’ve poured over prophetic words from around the world in recent times I have indeed found a recurring…
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Another Amazing Wigglesworth Prophecy!

On their last meeting together Smith Wigglesworth and Lester Sumrall had this amazing prophetic conversation – it is mind blowingly accurate about today! Apostle Wigglesworth cried saying, “I probably won’t see you again now. My job is almost finished.” As he continued to pray, he cried “I see it, I see it!” Dr. Sumrall asked,…
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Glory Arising – a fresh prophetic word

This summer (2017) God has been speaking to me about a new era of outpouring that is growing in these coming decades, following the 500 year anniversary of the start of the Reformation. The full prophetic word and background teachings are in my new book “500: Is it the dawn of a new era of glory?”:…
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God is speaking today – And a new Church Era is Beginning…

In July 2017 I sat outside The Queens House looking up towards the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, home of the Prime Meridian of the World, the site from where we get Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It is the place where east meets west, and put simply, it is the place where we on earth interpret…
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New Podcast: Godly Grumpiness

Bland religiosity tries to be level headed & nice, but true spirituality gets angry, passionate, frustrated! Listen/subscribe on iTunes here.