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Life Ain’t Like Instagram

Hi there! IT’S READY! The latest episode of Cooper-Natural (our fun travel show) is now ready to watch!  “REAL LIFE AIN’T LIKE INSTAGRAM!” is the title, as we paddle-board the World’s BEST Beach during lockdown. Watch it here:  On COOPER-NATURAL we take you on some family escapades, looking for God in beautiful places and hearing…
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10 Most Important Words of 2022!

Join me now on YouTube or Facebook as I share what I think are the 10 most important prophetic words for this year from around the world! Link: https://youtu.be/9XYFJFyr08U Blessings! Jarrod

THE PROPHETS SPEAK 2022: God’s Final Word on Covid?

Join me midday daily to hear what God has been saying to me and my friends! Could inspire you!! WE ALSO HAVE A SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK! To get the 50% off Tiers 1 and 2 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP of The Tribe, simply visit jarrodcooper.net click on TRIBE and apply the code 50offTRIBEa when you register.


On COOPER-NATURAL we are taking you on some family escapades, looking for God in beautiful places and hearing His voice through some awesome adventures.  In this episode of COOPER-NATURAL we get stranded in Cape Town, so head out to check out the wild life, including South Africa’s incredible whales!


As we enter 2022 we sense that our work with the Tribe and Revive Church is on the brink of an exciting new day! Last Sunday Jarrod shared several major developments for the church The audio podcast of the talk is here: We would so appreciate it if you would pray, support us, join us,…
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Feeling Lost In Leadership?

The pandemic hasn’t been kind to church leaders! We need to come together to navigate our way through 2022. Join our global online community of leaders around the world growing in God together. With free books, regular live Zoom webinars, 700 modules of teaching, a certified leadership course and even a membership level for personal…
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Check out our new TV Show…

The Pilot Episode of our new TV show COOPER-NATURAL is out NOW exclusively for our Tribe members! Come and join us, skiing in the French Alps, (and getting inspired by God as we do!) right here on our website if you’re a member of any Tier with The TRIBE: https://jarrodcooper.net/videos/ If you’re not yet a member,…
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I Had A Dream From God ~ Was it about you?

The TRIBE is an online community of passionate learners, leaders and churches across the world, dedicated to growing in God, growing in skills for life and leadership and growing in God’s presence and power for revival. There are currently three levels of Tribe membership: Tier 1 – LEARN (Access to our growing online digital library)…
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Help our kids win the MIND battle

We MUST help kids win the mind battle. Teach them to lean on God & find freedom through praying scripture. We have had amazing testimonies from our Believe & Confess series of books. They tackle fear, loneliness, confusion and anxiety with the Word of God. Now to add to this collection Zach Cooper has written…
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