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Your Worst Enemy Is You!

Whilst praying and seeking God for breakthrough in a couple of areas of my life, I felt the Lord say, “Your worst enemy in your life is not the devil, it’s you.” WHAT?! I wasn’t expecting this response from God! He went on to say, “The devil is defeated. I defeated him on the cross. He…
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Greatness is on the inside of you

“The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully surrendered to Him….By God’s grace I’ll be that man!” D.L.Moody Another stronghold that holds us back and stops us entering the fullness of God is self-doubt and under confidence. Ever been asked… “If you could have a superpower, what would it…
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Open Heaven TONIGHT!

Hi all, Here’s the link for tonights (Wednesday 3 May) Open Heaven worship time online. Catch it live from 7.14pm on YouTube or any time afterwards.

Freedom From Sin

“It is a fact that the Lord Jesus has already died for you. It is also a fact that you have already died with the Lord Jesus. If you do not believe in your death with Christ, you will not be able to receive the effectiveness of death with Him – freedom from sin.”  Watchman…
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God’s Timeless Promises

“God never made a promise that was too good to be true.”  D.L.Moody In a world that showers us with lies, whether it’s politicians, advertising or perhaps people closer to home, it’s no wonder we can become cynical and struggle to take God’s Word at face value. It is important to remember Satan speaks in…
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Pause Again!

I notice so many ministries and churches are going through another small, resetting PAUSE time. It’s as though we have come out of the last 3 years ready (desperate!) to enter the new, and while much of what we’re moving into is “almost right” many are feeling “it’s not 100% right YET!”.  Like new shoes,…
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PROPHECY – Worship Ministry In The New Era

When there’s thousands filling stadiumsYour glory falling down like rainThe blind are seeing, the lame are walkingThe mute tongue singing, the dead are raisedWhen the rulers of the nationsAll cry out “How can I be saved?”Then the days of wonder are upon us And so we come to the end of our time together. We…
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DAY FOURTEEN – God is with you!

I have loved releasing these prophetic words over 14 days, to over 1400 of you around the world! We’ve heard from dear friends, and ministries I respect – and I’ve loved the privilege of sharing with you some of what God is saying to me. As great as these words are, as we end our…
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DAY THIRTEEN: It’s Invasion Time!

2022 was a turbulent year for our family, and the chaos is continuing in 2023 (anyone else?). A highly regarded prophet and friend called me last year and said: “It’s like the land is trying to vomit you out, but God doesn’t want that!” That’s exactly what it felt like! We were attempting to advance…
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DAY TWELVE: It’s Graduation Time!

My Dear Child, You might feel you’ve being shaken, abandoned or rejected. You may feel dazed, confused, in unrest, lost – but you must understand, this is not a time of rejection or neglect – this is the arrival of GRADUATION Time! It’s a good time. The fulfilment of years of work in your soul!…
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