A Time to Love, A Time to Hate

A Time to Love, A Time to Hate


“There are six things The Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him” Proverbs 6:16

Psalm 11:5 tells us that “God’s soul hates the wicked”. Ever thought about that? God has the capacity to hate; to find things, even people, detestable.

In modern, western, society, especially in the Church, I think there is sometimes a pressure for us to lose the extremes of true love and hate, and replace it with a bland, politically correct, mind numbing politeness. We neither love nor hate; we tolerate, nod, remain silent. We avoid offering true and full opinions for fear of offence. We shuffle along hoping to avoid the extremes we were actually designed to express.

Yet God is far more extreme; and that’s OK! He loves. He hates. He gushes, get’s hot tempered. He gets jealous for us, passionate even. He dances, hugs, shouts, turns over tables, let’s “zeal consume him” (Yes, I have scriptures for all of those). It’s part of being fully alive.

Perhaps today is a day to be really like our God. Make today a day to truly LOVE. Decide that it’s OK to openly honour a leader and show your support without feeling smarmy. It’s OK to write a friend a card, or an encouragement on their Facebook page. We may even use the “L” word – (I “Love” you) Today is the day to be wide eyed about creation. To shed a tear over a movie (C’mon guys!). To shout or dance a little in worship to God. To do something wildly generous to someone who doesn’t deserve it. It’s a day to love.

I do believe it’s healthier to spend more time loving than hating; and we must avoid the extremes of becoming self righteous or judgemental – but to be truly godly, we must also make it a day to HATE!

Let’s hate slander, and tell the slanderer, without fear of their funny looks! Let’s detest sexual sin, drunkeness, stealing or gossip, and tell others we don’t approve, when we need to. Let’s detest human trafficking; complain to the shop that places “adult” material in a child’s view; firmly stand our ground in our desire for morality. Let’s let out the fact that we really, really don’t like some things about society, and stop bottling, ignoring & shuffling by like the masses, all for the British sake of “not causing a fuss”! It’s a day to HATE like God hates.

It just might change the world in which we live.

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