Copy of NEW APP
Hey Friends,

Thank you for all your feedback about our new app. We have been overwhelmed by such a positive response from so many. We know that tech can be frustrating so here is a step by step guide to download and operate the app.
step 1-3 (1)
step 4-6
step 7-9
Hope this helps!

Give us a shout if you get stuck.
1. Scan the QR code by pointing your smartphone camera at the image. Then click on the pop up message above


3. Tap the square with an arrow pointing up symbol.

4. This will then bring up a list. Scroll and tap add to Home Screen. This has a symbol of a square with a + sign.

5. The app will then appear on your Home Screen. The Home page has several direct links as you scroll down the images. However, the main menu is found in the top left corner of your smart phone.

6. From the menu you can access everything from daily devotionals to podcasts.

7. Unfortunately, access to the TRIBE Zone courses only works with android phones. We have worked hard to solve this problem but the issue is with apple.
However, we have included a TRIBE login link. When you click on it there is a pop up for iOS (iphone) users which will take them out of the app directly to the website. Android users can just close this pop up and login to their TRIBE account within the app.

8. Not to be confused with the TRIBE login, at the bottom of the menu is a sign in link. This is optional. This creates a user account to comment on live chat.

9. Anyone with the app can comment on live chat when we livestream but you will be given an unusual username. See image 9.