King Of Kings, Majesty

My entire King Of Kings, Majesty album by Kingsway/Authentic is now available on YouTube for free!

Songs include – Overwhelmed//King of Kings, Majesty//Days of Wonder//Today//I give You Praise//I Tremble//You are my Healer//Great is Your Name//You are my Refuge//He’s Alive//Above all powers//Through the Eyes of God//Lost in Your Glory//Glory in the Land//King of Kings, Majesty (Spanish Version)

Enjoy!! More to come soon….


3 comments on “King Of Kings, Majesty”
  1. yellowyarrow says:

    Oh that’s great :). I actually have that album but we haven’t got a CD player set up atthe moment so this means I can listen to it online.

  2. Thank you Jarrod. This blessed me to sleep last night. Beautiful album……

  3. John Plant says:

    Thanks Jarrod, I thoroughly enjoyed this CD when it first came out and think wore it out! Be great to hear it again.

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