PRE-ORDER: The Multi-Site Church Adventure for just £5!

The Multi-Site Church Adventure is for church leadership teams who want to consider planting multiple sites, merging churches or planting churches, as a mean of growing and reaching more people with the kingdom of God.

In particular, this short book outlines:

The story of how Revive Church became multi-site, planting 11 locations in 10 years, some that have succeeded, some that failed.

How to develop multi-site church when you’re not a “mega church” and don’t want to use the strong “franchising models” favoured by large, more corporate churches.

How to be prophetic, creative, innovative and individual, but use the multi-site model to grow.

How to release fresh pioneering energy into an ageing church.

How to keep a sense of family, unity and divine alignment when growing into many sites in the many hundreds.

How to train new leaders and how to develop a planting strategy that will work for you.

How to use multi-site to reach everything from villages to cities.

If you want to find a way for your church strategy and the Great Commission to become “as one” then read on… adventure awaits!


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