Our Summit for kids ministries & youth leaders…

Are you passionate about…

–          seeing kid’s moving in the gifts of the spirit?

–          the children you serve having life-changing encounters with God?

–          your team inspired to lead children into worship, prayer and mission?

God is blessing our children at Revive with increased encounters in worship, the hearing of prophetic words and receiving spiritual gifts.  It’s been truly beautiful hearing how their lives are faithful, prayerful and a gift to the communities around them. 

We believe this is only the beginning of a move of God among the children and youth. We know God has got so much more in store for them and that he intends to use us as leadership teams in powerful ways to raise an extraordinary generation. 

Revival Kids Conference, now with breakout sessions for youth leaders and family outreach teams too, is an opportunity for us to be challenged, inspired and equipped in our ministries and, in turn, see our children and young people impacted and grow more in love with Jesus. 

It’s my prayer that in joining us for this conference, you’ll receive an impartation to build up a spirit filled, Jesus centred ministry.

On June 15th, let’s take time to be encouraged as those that lead this generation of world changers. May an army rise up that represents Jesus and are equipped to go out into the world and do what they see the Father doing!


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