Prophetic Word Regarding Great Britain & Brexit

While in prayer today I sensed God speaking into the nation at this time of political upheaval (Brexit) and change. Sorry if any of these concepts offend anyone’s political views, but let me simply explain what I saw:

I saw Great Britain as a tree that once stood alone, but was now hidden among a great forest of many trees, having lost its distinction and unique purpose. Quite literally, for many in the public and many in power, there was little clarity, and a loss of true purpose under the dark, damp overgrown canopy created by the large forest.

But then change stirred. There was a shifting in the landscape, a splintering, a small but ultimately seismic shift, that brought about a definite divine change: While Britain did not stand completely alone, there was enough change in the branches around about and enough adjustment in the landscape to allow her distinct shape and purpose to be seen. Then I noticed that as the branches in the canopy of the forest had shifted, a new wave of sunlight hit the ground around her for the first time in a long time, and new life began to burst forth.

I believe God is saying, that while the political shifts that will take place over the next months and years will not bring about the clear and full political extreme “breakaway” that some have desired, a greater shift has indeed taken place in the heavenlies, throwing fresh light and fresh purpose, and a new surge of power from heaven will touch the land. There will become just enough distinction in the heavenlies over Great Britain for her divine purpose to be re-ignited.

As the fresh sunlight hits the ground, and the heavenly landscape adjusts, I see it is as though a divine defibrillator is at work, stirring the church in the nation once again. As sunlight warms the earth, seeds of ancient purpose, revivals and the prayers of saints over centuries, begin to warm, and the ground itself begins to stir…

A Fresh Uprising of Prayer

A fresh uprising, a surge of prayer, worship, praise and prophetic intercession is about to burst through the veins of the Church in Great Britain, brought by heaven itself. Meetings large and small, to worship, encounter and pray, will begin to build a new kind of canopy, a canopy of praise, that heaven’s kingdom will rest upon. Thousands of small prayer meetings, in cities and villages across the nation, will draw heaven near in this time. The King desires to be “enthroned on the praises of His people!” and He is preparing the heavens over Great Britain for His arrival!

Many have thought worship has already been renewed in recent decades, but a fresh uprising is about to take worshippers to a whole new level- It will be like heaven on earth at times.

In this time, do not look to the corridors of parliament for powerful changes in the nation, but look to the closets of the praying – the Church is the heart of power in the nation and the nations, and a fresh wave of prayer is about to sweep over the land. This uprising of prayer will lead to power – power among the saints on the streets, in workplaces, in communities and in places of influence, in ways many have never seen nor imagined before. The healing touch of heaven will be magnified in power as the Church prays and worships.

For Such a Time As This

Where many have “dug ditches,” creating channels of influence into communities over years through social action, and have become disappointed at the kingdom results, they will realise they have been digging “for such a time as this” – many inroads of influence into communities, the poor and the many spheres of influence in the nation, local and national, will become irrigation channels, filled with the prayers and the powers of a new season of heaven coming upon the nation. Many will realise they had been preparing the land “for such a time as this.”

As Britain attempts to readjust its position in Europe, there will also be a fresh uprising of compassion for mainland Europe,resulting in new waves of missionaries from Britain to the mainland, carrying this fresh prayer and power to community after community. I even see many that have travelled from African nations to the U.K. will also find themselves moving into mainland Europe. A compassionate move of missions, fuelled by prayer and armed with heavens power, is about to stir across the new landscape of Great Britain and Europe.

While many will complain that there are still too many political entanglements with Europe in the coming years, enough of a divine shift in the heavens will have taken place to release God’s divine sunlight on Great Britain. Focus on the fresh light shining from the heavens in this season, rather than the problematic purposes of man. There is a Greater divine work taking place than can ever be wrought by the human corridors of power.

Pray with me – “Father, Your Kingdom COME, Your will be done…in Great Britain, as it is in heaven!”

Note: As with all prophetic words, the bringer of the message is, of course, fallible! … so please prayerfully judge this before God. FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION ABOUT THIS WORD, READ THE AFTERTHOUGHT ON PROPHECY HERE>


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  1. Nick White says:

    The trouble is that the only people getting humbled in a no deal scenario are likely to be the poor. The rich will be fine. So the hope of an outpouring after a no deal Brexit is the same as the hope that a broken heart will result in God becoming closer after the heart breaks.

    Also you have to decide which is the more important scripture, that the humble will be lifted or that nothing is impossible with God. Because a lot of people will suffer under no deal and this political manouveour is not a prerequisite for God to save the soul of Britain. What if no one feels free come Brexit? I would rather hope in God than the politicians.

    1. Rob says:

      You do realise that “no deal” merely means that there will be no further control over the UK by the EU? It means that we will leave the clutches of that insidious organisation entirely, joining the other 150+ countries that trade throughout the world without any of the “deals” proposed for the UK with the EU. Many of the countries of the Commonwealth, for instance, are eager to renew their relationship with us.

    2. Nick White says:

      So the poor will likely suffer as a side effect of this freeing of ourselves from this EU Babylon in some holy spiritual battle? The irony is that it will probably be the remainers who are left picking up the pieces after a no deal. Which is why I am advising everyone, especially the poor, to prepare as practically as they can within their budgets for no-deal. Because for spiritual and political reasons there are so many powerful people who want it. And who will not even be satisfied when they get it.

    3. unholyjoe says:

      You are assuming that the alternative is better. Ask the poor of Greece how well they have done since their interests conflicted with the political imperative to keep the Euro project (an intrinsic part of the EU’s ambitions) going and the banks in clover – one of which had earned hundreds of millions crowbarring an unfit Greece into the Euro in the first place. Ditto the unemployed Italian youth, etc.
      If you want to make the case against no-deal then fine, but please don’t pretend that it is anything other than a political opinion because it is perfectly possible to make as valid a “Christian argument” for grasping its nettle.

    4. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Ha! You are incorrectly assuming my personal opinions. But bless you!

  2. zoe says:

    Why are prophetic words always illustrated with trees? Come on, God has more of an imagination than that? Trees, mountains or water sources, with the occasional fire.
    I’m taking it you were/are pro brexit? If so, it’s really hard to believe it’s not just an imagination when a s message from God it confirms a person’s own political beliefs.

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Ha! Bless you Zoe and thanks for that. It’s amazing how many people have though I was both pro or anti from this. I guess we are all swayed by our own preferences, but this doesn’t reflect my personal view at all.

  3. Thank you Jarrod
    I think that fits with what’s been sat in my spirit these past 3 years too. I believe with all my heart that Brexit is hugely significant both politically and spiritually and that the UK can even experience a revival as a result of the turmoil ensuing. God always starts with the church and I believe he’s changing that nationally and has been for some time. I believe he’s preparing the church to deal with some massive issues in the general populous pre, during and post Brexit… and many will call upon the name of the lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

  4. Jon says:

    Interesting but…..wrong. A defibrillator is used to STOP the heart, as the heart is fibrillating / malfunctioning. The brain then restarts the heart correctly…if the medic is lucky and God is willing. However, prophesy states that the UK will leave the EU entirely, which has to happen prior to the second coming, and will be joined with the USA under the rule of the UK and H.M. The Queen in the last battle ( Armageddon ). The beginnings of this was demonstrated under both President Bush’s during the Gulf wars and more so now with Pres Trump. The EU will disintegrate as Satan is brought to account and his political power base ( the EU ) is destroyed – The role of the UK in doing this is getting clearer. There will be no “years” of us growing closer etc., as Christ will have taken up the job of management of running things. This is just a nut-shell of the situation we are currently enjoying the turmoil of.

  5. Pst Austin says:

    Wow. Amazing prophetic vision. Let the suns rays reach this unique tree again. Every covering must shift for a new unveiling of A Great Nation

  6. Robert Chamberlain says:

    One thing 90% of people agree on in a Sky poll is that Brexit is a national humiliatioN.
    So I think rather than God setting “Great” Britain apart from the rest pontificate the trees in the forest, He’s humbling us. Our branches are being cut away, our pride is being sawn off, God’s putting us down a peg or two.

    As Christians, we’re aliens and strangers in the world, our citizenship is in heaven. God’s purpose for Brits is the same as for Europeans: to repent and to believe the good news of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We’re not called to be spiritual weather watchers, we’re called to preach God’s Word in season and out of season. We’re called to proclaim good news to a world lacking it, rather than to pontificate about the ways of the nations.

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Some great thoughts there Robert, thank you!

    2. Debbie Woodhouse says:

      So true I think he wants Britian to stand alone for a while and repent and then go! Always takes us aside first well said

  7. Jim says:

    Although a recent poll shows 70% FAVOUR Brexit, the illuminati -led BBC & Guardian newspapers, and normal media on the whole have deceived Christians + not Believers into thinking most want to remain.

    Pray that the Church will leave the deception and lies – which have caused lethargy and neglect over Brexit – by FALSELY BELIEVING church and state ought to be separate

    thus, leaving the state to be runned by spirit of the world in the minds of Demon – cracy politicians controlled by Principalitiies, powers, spiritual host of wickedness in high places …working via the minds of MPs.

    The Lord Jesus said that if enough christians were united over the Austrialian politics, enough united prayer would result in enough angels to protect the minds of and ears of ….

    so, from this, I infer, so too with UK —– had the church in UK being united – and not deceived into FALSE BELIEF against taking part in politics —- enough angels would have been sent to protect the ears and minds of the nation

    so we do not end up as a part of the END -TIME , FINAL LAST BABYLON

    WHICH – IF UK is a part of the FINAL ,, LAST BABYLOn, , the ROCK from Heaven will DESTROY THE UK……

    Unfortunately, just as Christians listening to BBC and other illuminati based media have been deceived to hate Donald Trump [ God’s Cyrus ! ]
    to oppose Israel,

    so they too have been deceived into not resisting UK to be part of the FINAL BABYLON, which Jesus is going to DESTROY soon.

    No wonder, Revelations foresaw that GB will be one of the major enEMIES TO ISRAEL in the end times —– and will be ultimately destroyed as in Rev 17 + 18.

    becauuse the UK Lion will join German leopard and Russian Bear leading a group of nations to attack Israel….

    Oh, Church of UK , why oh why , did you not hear David Wilkinson’s 1973 prophetic warning, so that you could have avoided DECEPTION

    by removing yourselves from the Illluminati cartoons, Watt Disney,.and 98% of Cartoons which put soccery blinding the children and church leaders ,…

    causing a sleeping church to not realise what was at stake

    as EU makes Gospel unpreachable in hosptials, schools, nursing homes,…

    The Lord has given all the chances and urging to the UK church for many years, but David Hathaway ,etc has not been received or accepted or heard by possibly most of the church.

    Revelations tell us soccery blinded or deceived many —-if ONLY THE BRITISH CHURCH LISTENED TO david Wilkinson’s 1973 prophetic message
    stopped those illuminatii cartoons and movies and adverts of the tv and
    those jazz based pop, rock rap hip hop OCCULTIC musics
    by which many got deceived and lulled to sleep….

    UK ought to have had a successful brexit…. and not be destroyed soon by Jesus as the FINAL LAST BABYLON WILL BE DESTROYED BY THE STONE FROM HEAVEN….

    For any who want to attack this, understand Revelations & Daniiel first +
    the different Bablylons retaining the SAME spirit passed down each stage….. is coming to be rested in EU or resting here already !

    If only the UK Church would wake up now.

  8. angeangel says:

    Yeah Thy kingdom Come Amen and Amen

  9. Hello again Jarrod, a reader’s comment on one of my recent postings needed my re-reading it and I noted that prophetic word includes this >
    “…Do you not know My Children, that ash from burned trees can be beneficial? And that I must clear out the overgrown areas of the forest to let the purifying sunlight of My Spirit reach the forest floor? Then there shall be a resurgence of wildflowers and a creation of worship and a Spirit-life amongst My People that shall thrive and prosper,” ( refers)

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Love it! Thank you!

  10. Peter Barlow says:

    This is thought in process but I’ll go ahead and write it… I am personally aware of and have benefited (family history) from the compassion of the British nation for those suffering persecution, but there is a check in my spirit about majoring on the Great-ness of Britain, holding in one hand the scripture ‘you are aliens in a foreign land’ ie don’t wholly identify with your earthly dwelling but then praying for those in authority and being open to acting for (and towards) Christ : ‘when did we do these things, Lord?’. I’m praying that God’s mercy and compassion – good Samaritan views – will flood hearts, especially as the Brexit process will almost certainly focus and fuel nationalistic attitudes which historically themselves have such flimsy foundations for a solid national identity. As said, a thought in process – probably need to read Revelation with multiple inputs from experienced scholars. ☝️👌

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Great thoughts! Thank you!

    2. James says:

      The ‘Great’ in Great Britain is merely to distinguish it from neighbouring Brittany in NW France, it’s easier to spot in French – Grand Bretagne and Bretagne, as in other place names, eg Greater Manchester, or Littlehampton, its simply a reference to size not status.

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