Two new books from David & Marion Cooper now out!

Great News! These two books have just been made available on Amazon as paperback or ebook

A STRATEGY FOR LIFE by Marion Cooper

This book is based on a series of, mostly unconnected, articles written for Assemblies of God national monthly magazine “Joy” around the year 2000. I was limited to one thousand words and the magazine produced them initially, as aimed at women, although they weren’t originally written as such and eventually just became a regular column.I have called this book, “A strategy for Life”, because as I look at God’s word, that is what I am seeking, the key to living for Jesus today. How can I be a woman of God in today’s society? How can I succeed as a wife, as a mother, in my career and ministry? How can I touch my generation, my world for God now?A secondary title would be, “An Opinionated Woman”, because that also, is who I am!

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THE DAY OF THE WOLF AND THE QUEST FOR THE LAMB: The Hidden Bible Prophecies Throwing A New Light On Today’s Church – by David Cooper

We are living in the last days. Today among the ranks of the worldwide Body of Christ there is a cutting-edge type of Christian. Perhaps relatively few as a percentage of the pack, they chase after God with a single-minded persistence and a fierce determination that clearly sets them apart as Kingdom movers, shakers, leaders and role models among their brothers and sisters in the wolf-pack of the World Church. They are the Alpha wolves engaged in a headlong Quest for the Lamb.

Info and buy: The Day Of The Wolf and the Quest for the Lamb: The Hidden Bible Prophecies Throwing A New Light On Today’s Church FIND OUT MORE & BUY


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  1. angeangel says:

    Please could you prayfully consider if we should be advertising Amazon. Eden have signed up to Living Wage. Amazon pay less tax than Ed Sherrin and are notorious for not ’employing’ their workers. Thank you

    1. Jarrod Cooper says:

      Hi… at this point Eden cannot do for us what Amazon do globally. Should they be able to one day l’m sure we’ll consider. We are tiny, Amazon is huge… I consider that it is not us promoting Amazon, but them promoting us. Thank you for your thoughts though. Blessings.

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